Scott Hall Has Witty Response To Goldberg Winning The WWE Universal Championship

Scott Hall Has Witty Response To Goldberg Winning The WWE Universal ChampionshipScott Hall had a witty response to Goldberg defeating The Fiend to win the WWE Universal Championship.

Kevin Nash defeated Goldberg at Starrcade 1998 to end his only WCW World Heavyweight Championship reign after Hall interfered and tasered Goldberg. The loss also put an end to Goldberg’s undefeated streak.

After WWE Super ShowDown went off the air, Scott Hall took to Twitter and wrote, “Guess I better dust off my Taser”

The title change was controversial at the time because Goldberg was red-hot, and Nash had just recently joined the WCW booking team. During an interview with Ring Rust Radio in 2014, Goldberg talked about how he would have liked the Hall taser spot to have went.

“From time to time I’ve shown displeasures to the way that it ended and Kevin was on the booking committee for a couple of weeks and it was just timing,” Goldberg said. “I believe the creativity to keep it going could have happened, but I’ll plead the fifth again and just say I’m a performer, not an entertainer in that I can take direction and go out and complete it but I can’t develop the storyline. My job was not a booker by any stretch of the imagination and I try not to give my opinion as to who I think should’ve beaten me because I don’t get into the storyline as much as the next guy. It was those guys’ decision, they’ve been in the business, collectively, probably 100 years, so who am I to question that? As a human being you’re always going to question things but it’s not my place, I was just the talent. I wish Godzilla would’ve beaten me, or Big Foot, or something like that. I just think Scott Hall should’ve hit me with the taser that sticks in your chest from across the ring, but so be it.”

You can check out Hall’s tweet below:


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