Wednesday, February 26, 2020

NXT Results - February 26, 2020

NXT Results - February 26, 2020
We start off with a look back at last week's episode of NXT. We see a vehicle arrive at the building and Charlotte Flair rolls down her window. William Regal opens the door for her.

Dominik Dijakovic vs. Cameron Grimes

We go right back to the ring for tonight's opener as Dominik Dijakovic makes his way out. Cameron Grimes is out next as Alicia Taylor does the introductions.

Grimes goes for the leg but Dijakovic with a side head lock. Dijakovic holds on when Grimes tries to send Dijakovic off the ropes. Dijakovic with a shoulder tackle. Grimes goes for a leap frog and Dijakovic catches him. Grimes goes for a sunset flip but Dijakovic stays on his feet and Dijakovic goes for a choke slam. Grimes goes for an O'Connor Roll but Dijakovic holds on to the ropes. Grimes with a drop kick and a knee. Grimes with punches and a rake of the eyes. Grimes rakes the eyes and Dijakovic with a cyclone kick for a near fall.

Dijakovic with forearms. Dijakovic with an elbow in the corner followed by a forearm and back breaker. Dijakovic with a twisting splash off the middle rope for a near fall. Dijakovic goes for a suplex but Grimes lands on his feet and connects with forearms to teh back followed by a rana. Grimes is caught by Dijakovic and Dijakovic with a knee and then he tosses Grimes over the top rope to the floor. Grimes is sent back into the ring and Grimes with a baseball slide and Dijakovic hits the apron. Grimes with a running kick.

Grimes with a forearm across the chest. Grimes stands on the side of the head. Grimes and Dijakovic exchange punches. Grimes chokes Dijakovic in the corner and then Dijakovic with a punch. Grimes with an enzuigiri. Dijakovic blocks an Irish whip and kicks Grimes in the arm. Grimes floats over when Dijakovic charges into the corner. Grimes gets a near fall. Grimes with crossfaces to Dijakovic. Grimes with an arm bar. Grimes gets Dijakovic back to the mat and he runs his forearm across the face. Grimes with a drop toe hold and he kicks Dijakovic.

Grimes with boots to the head and an arm bar. Grimes with a kick and Dijakovic with a forearm. Grimes with a forearm and punch. Dijakovic with forearms and Grimes fires back. Dijakovic with a kick and knee and he gives Grimes a suplex throw. Dijakovic with forearms and a facebuster. Grimes with a kick and Dijakovic with a super kick and clothesline for a near fall.

Grimes with boots to the head and an arm bar. Grimes with a kick and Dijakovic with a forearm. Grimes with a forearm and punch. Dijakovic with forearms and Grimes fires back. Dijakovic with a kick and knee and he gives Grimes a suplex throw. Dijakovic with forearms and a facebuster. Grimes with a kick and Dijakovic with a super kick and clothesline for a near fall. Dijakovic goes for the throat but Grimes escapes and goes for a German suplex. Grimes with a forearm and back heel kick. Grimes with a German suplex for a near fall. Grimes goes for a baseball slide and Dijakovic leaps over Grimes. Dijakovic with a moonsault onto Grimes from the turnbuckles but Dijakovic favors his knee.

Damian Priest comes out and hits Dijakovic in the back of the leg with a slapjack but the referee did not see it and Priest goes into the crowd. The referee starts his count and Dijakovic powers up to get back into the ring but Grimes with the Cave In for the three count.

Winner: Cameron Grimes

After the match, the music hits as Grimes takes his hat and makes his exit. We go to replays. Referees run down and tend to Dijakovic in the ring as he clutches his surgically-repaired knee.

- Jon Quasto is backstage with NXT General Manager William Regal. He announces that a series of qualifying matches will begin next week for the NXT women's division. The winners will go on to "Takeover: Tampa Bay" to compete in a Ladder Match to crown a new #1 contender, who will face the winner of the WrestleMania 36 match between Charlotte Flair and NXT Women's Champion Rhea Ripley at a later date.

- Still to come, Finn Balor. Back to commercial.

- We are back and we see Dominik Dijakovic being helped to the back after Damian Priest's attack.

- Finn Balor makes his way to the ring.

Finn says he is not a moves guy. He is not an internet guy. He is not a sneaky stooge to the office politics guy. When the bell rings, he is THE Guy. I build brands. Japan... done it. Mexico... done it. Intercontinental Championship... done it. Universal Championship... done it. NXT Championship... done it.

It's Wrestlemania season and everyone in the business is trying to peak for Wrestlemania. I've been at my peak for 20 years. The big question is, what is the next move for the Prince. Whose gonna get the Finn rub? Matt Riddle got it. Johnny Gargano got it. Even Ilja Dragunov got it.

The music for Imperium plays and Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel make their way to the ring. Marcel says there is something that you have not done. The ring surface belongs to the Ring General, the NXT UK Champion WALTER. He says WALTER would like to send you his regards.

Balor with a drop kick to Barthel through the ropes and he follow swith a double stomp to Aichner. Balor sends Barthel over the ring steps and Balor gives Aichner Slingblade. Barthel with a forearm off the steps to stop Balor. Aichner and Balor is sent into the apron and ring steps. Aichner with a running knee to Balor against the ring steps. Fans chant for WALTER again as Barthel and Aichner pose over Balor, who is clutching the back of his head. The two Imperium representatives march back to the back.

- We have an Austin Theory video package. He says he is the future of NXT. He is going to prove that Austin Theory can go all day. Tommaso Ciampa will not make it through the night.

We go to commercial.

- We are back and we see Bianca Belair arrive at the building and she is asked about facing Charlotte Flair. Bianca says Charlotte is woman enough to accept her challenge. Tonight she will give it to Charlotte.

Xia Li versus Mia Yim

They shake hands and then Li with a series of spin kicks that back Mia into the corner. Yim with a drop kick. Yim trips Li and hits a drop kick for a near fall. Mia with a drop kick and Yakuza kick to Li. Mia with a face wash. Li avoids Yim and Yim hits the turnbuckles. Li with punches and a clothesline. Li with a running forearm into the corner. Mia avoids a drop kick and Mia with Eat Defeat but Dakota Kai's music plays.

Dakota and Raquel Gonzalez come out and Dakota asks Mia about how Mia took her spot at WarGames and she took it back.

Li with a rollup for the three count.

Winner: Xia Li

After the match, Gonzalez attacks Mia and kicks her. Li hits Gonzalez in the back and Gonzalez blocks a kick and hits a clothesline. Mia with a sleeper but Gonzalez with a snap mare and knee to the midsection. Gonzalez with more knees and a choke slam.

- Tommaso Ciampa is in the back getting ready for his match as we go to commercial.

- We are back and Velveteen Dream says that life is not as bad as it is Roderick Strong. At least until you have a broken back. Dream says he remembers beating Roderick last week. That is not enough. Dream wants Roderick Strong to experience that steel cage. How about you leave it up?

Austin Theory vs. Tommaso Ciampa

They lock up and Ciampa with a side head lock and shoulder tackle to a stalemate. Ciampa with punches but Theory with a kick. Theory with a shoulder tackle and punches. Theory with punches but Ciampa with a knee and punch. CIampa with a back elbow. Ciampa with a side head lock take down. Theory tries to escape but Ciampa with a side head lock take down. Ciampa sends Theory to the floor and Theory pulls Ciampa to the floor. Theory sends Ciampa into the apron. Theory with punches and he floats over in the corner and hits a drop kick.

Theory gets a near fall. Theory with a clothesline into the corner and Ciampa with a punch and neck breaker onto the top rope. Ciampa sends Theory into the ring post and Ciampa pats himself on the back. We go to commercial.

We are back and Theory kicks Ciampa in the corner. Ciampa with a back elbow and has a kick blocked and Theory sends Ciampa face first into the mat and Theory with a standing moonsault to the back for a near fall. Theory with an arm bar. Ciampa with punches to Theory and a kick followed by clotheslines. Ciampa with a German suplex. Ciampa sets for Fairy Tale Ending but Theory escapes. Theory with a punch and he goes for a rolling drop kick but CIampa with a jumping knee. Ciampa with a chop and he puts Theory on the turnbuckles.

Ciampa sets for a super Air Raid Crash but Theory escapes and tries for a sunset flip power bomb. Ciampa with a forearm and Theory with a punch. They go back and forth. Ciampa with an enzuigiri. Both men with clotheslines and Theory with a rolling blockbuster and Theory with a buckle bomb and he sets for a fisherman's neck breaker and hits it for a near fall. Ciampa with a chop and a boot to the head. Theory with a back elbow and Ciampa with a knee. Ciampa sets for Fairy Tale Ending but Theory escapes and he htis a super kick to the back of the head. Theory with Ataxia for a near fall. Ciampa goes to the floor and Theory blocks a kick and hits a forearm.

Theory sends Ciampa into the guardrails. Theory goes for a slingshot move but Ciampa with a kick and Willow's Bell. Ciampa with Fairy Tale Ending for the three count.

Winner: Tommaso Ciampa

After the match, Johnny Gargano tries to attack Ciampa but Ciampa sees him coming and Ciampa with punches. Gargano with kicks to Ciampa. Ciampa with a boot to Gargano's head followed by punches. Gargano with a super kick to Ciampa when Theory tries to get involved. Gargano with a super kick to Ciampa. Gargano starts a slow clap as he sits on the apron next to Ciampa. Gargano tosses Ciampa onto the Takeover logo on the floor.

We go to commercial.

- We are back with the Undisputed Era. Roderick agrees that he needs to be in a steel cage match with the Velveteen Dream. He will break his back when they lock the door. Bobby Fish says Matt Riddle and Pete Dunne got lucky. Kyle O'Reilly says Bobby has had his back for eight years. They are not going anywhere. They are sharks circling in the deep end. Cole says that Roddy will regain the North American Championship after he finishes off Dream. Kyle and Bobby will win back the Tag Titles as they regain their position as the most dominant faction in wrestling.

Bronson Reed versus Killian Dain

They lock up and go to a statlemate. They lock up again and Dain with shoulders. Dain goes for a slam but Reed blocks it. Dain with a bicycle kick and Reed with an enzuigiri that sends Dain to the floor and Reed with a suicide dive. Dain kicks Reed as he re-enters the ring and Dain with a guillotine leg drop from the turnbuckles for a near fall. Dain with a hard Irish whip and he gets a near fall. Dain with a snap mare and a seated abdominal stretch. Reed with a forearm and a reverse atomic drop and another forearm. Dain misses a cross body and both men go with cross bodies and both men are down.

Dain and Reed exchange forearms. Reed and Dain continue the exchange and Dain with a head butt and Reed returns fire. Reed with a clothesline and a slam. Reed with a Saito suplex. Dain with a Samoan drop and he goes to the turnbuckles for a Vader Bomb but Reed gets his knees up. Reed goes to the turnbuckles and hits a DDT followed by a Death Valley Driver for a near fall. Reed goes up top and Dain stops Reed with forearms. Dain with forearms on the turnbuckles and he sets for a superplex and hits it. Dain with a back senton and a second one. Dain with a third back senton and he hits a Vader Bomb for the three count.

Winner: Killian Dain

After the match, Dain stands tall as we go to replays. Dain makes his exit as Reed slowly gets to his feet.

- The announcers talk about The Forgotten Sons and The Grizzled Young Veterans having words last week. They will do battle in tag team action tonight. Beth says The Forgotten Sons are fighting for America. Back to commercial.

- Back from the break and we get a video package on NXT Tag Team Champions The BroserWeights, Matt Riddle and Pete Dunne.

The Forgotten Sons vs. The Grizzled Young Veterans

We go back to the ring and out first comes The Grizzled Young Veterans, Zack Gibson and James Drake. Fans boo as they take the mic to start ripping on American fans and The Forgotten Sons. They go on as fans chant "USA!" now. The music interrupts and out come The Forgotten Sons - Steve Cutler and Wesley Blake with Jaxson Ryker.

Nigel is heeling it up on commentary to go with Drake and Gibson. The bell rings and Gibson starts with Blake. Blake gets the upperhand and nails a pair of dropkicks. Blake then dropkicks Drake off the apron to the floor. Cutler tags in for the double teaming on Gibson for a 2 count. Cutler grounds Gibson by his arm in the middle of the ring now.

Gibson looks to mount offense but Cutler cuts him off. Gibson finally rocks Cutler to tag in Drake for the double team. Drake with a quick pin attempt. Drake unloads on Cutler now and covers for a 2 count. Drake grounds Cutler and yells out at the crowd now. Ryker looks on and rallies the crowd from ringside.

Drake fights Cutler into the corner and in comes Gibson for more double teaming. Gibson covers for a 2 count. Drake comes back in and keeps control. Blake tags in and catches Drake with a powerslam for a close 2 count in the middle of the ring. Drake meets Ryker at ringside and backs away. Blake comes over with strikes to Drake, rolling him back in. Gibson is legal for that team now. Blake fights them both off. Cutler tags in for the double team on Drake, then Gibson. They send Gibson to the floor, then launch Drake out onto him. Fans cheer the Sons on as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Blake fights out of a corner, rocking both opponents after he was double teamed. Drake blocks a roll-up and in comes Gibson to break it up. Gibson keeps Blake grounded again. Blake finally hits a jumping neckbreaker to get an opening. Drake tags in first and stops Blake from tagging out. Blake back-drops Drake and in comes Cutler off the hot tag. Cutler unloads on both opponents. There's chaos now as the match falls apart. Cutler ends up dropping Drake on his neck. Ryker marches over to stop Gibson from interfering from the floor. Gibson trips and Ryker stalks him. More chaos at ringside as everyone is involved again. Ryker goes down.

Drake sends Cutler flying from the top to the floor. Blake sends Gibson to the floor. Blake and Drake trade big shots. Gibson tags in but misses a clothesline. Blake misses a moonsault. The Grizzled Young Vets go on and hit the Ticket to Mayhem on Blake to get the pin.

Winners: The Grizzled Young Veterans

After the match, Gibson and Drake retreat to the ramp as their music hits. Ryker and Cutler check on Blake as we go to replays. The Forgotten Sons look on from the ring as the NXT UK Superstars celebrate on the stage.

- Kat Marino is backstage asking Tegan Nox how she prepares for next week's Steel Cage match with Dakota Kai. Nox admits she's still feeling the table bump from Raquel Gonzalez, but she won't be a factor next week and will have to watch as she takes out her little friend. Nox says Kai started this in a cage and she will end it in a cage next week.

- We see Charlotte Flair backstage warming up for the main event. Back to commercial.

- We are back and we see a video feature related to the apocalypse.

- We are reminded about the two steel cage matches next week.

- We go to Damian Priest leaving the building and Jon Quasto tries to find out why he did what he did. Priest says Dijakovic got in the way of what he wants and now Keith Lee knows what he wants.

Charlotte Flair vs. Bianca Belair

We go to the ring for tonight's main event and out first comes Bianca Belair. RAW Superstar Charlotte Flair is out next, to some boos but some cheers also. This is Flair's first NXT match in 4 years.

The bell rings and fans chant "you don't go here!" at Flair. Others respond with "welcome home!" chants to support The Queen. They lock up and Flair takes Belair to the corner, holding her down as the referee counts and warns her. Fans do more dueling chants. Flair backs off and draws a line. Belair quickly crosses it and they lock up again. Flair takes Belair down tot he mat and they trade holds. Belair kips up but Flair takes her back down for a quick 1 count. Belair does the same.

More back and forth as they continue to trade holds. Flair keeps Belair grounded now. Belair fights up and out, eventually nailing a dropkick. Belair taunts Flair for a big pop now. Belair with a Spear in the corner. Belair tosses Flair by her hair. The dueling chants start up again. Flair avoids a scoop slam and unloads with chops, talking trash and beating Belair up with chops into the corner. Flair takes Belair back down and nails a running boot to the face. Flair stands tall and poses over Belair to a pop. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and they end up on the floor with Belair sending Flair into the barrier. Flair comes back in and Belair rolls her for a 2 count. Flair immediately drops Belair with a chop. Belair ducks another chop as fans continue the dueling chants. Flair with a neckbreaker. Flair grounds Belair by her neck with a Dragon Sleeper. Belair tries to fight out and does using the turnbuckles. Belair drops Flair and goes for a Glam Slam. Belair nails it in the middle of the ring for another pin attempt.

Belair looks to keep the offense going but Flair cuts her off with a kick. They tangle some more on their feet. Belair with an abdominal stretch counter into one of her own in the middle of the ring. Belair goes on and hits a handspring moonsault for a 2 count. Flair ends up eating an elbow but then sends Belair face-first into the turnbuckles. Flair boots Belair around while she's down, then steps on her as fans boo her. Flair goes to the top for a moonsault but Belair gets her legs up. Flair catches the leg and applies a Boston Crab as fans pop. Belair crawls for the bottom rope and eventually escapes. Flair comes back with a 2 count. Flair with a Stretch Muffler submission now.

Belair resists the Muffler but Flair powers up with a big sitdown powerbomb for another close 2 count. Flair goes for a big boot but gets hung up on the top rope. Belair takes advantage and works her over, dropkicking her out to the floor. Belair follows and sends Flair face-first into the ring post. Belair goes on and brings Flair back into the ring. Belair goes to the top but has to land on her feet as Flair moves. Belair follows up with a Spear. Flair comes right back with a Spear of her own, then Natural Selection for the pin to win.

Winner: Charlotte Flair

After the match, the music hits as Flair stands tall. Flair exits the ring and brings a steel chair back in to use it on Belair but the music interrupts and out comes NXT Women's Champion Rhea Ripley. Flair doesn't stop as she keeps going and stomps the chair onto Belair's ankle, then applies the Figure Four. Ripley watches from the stage and she looks to be in no hurry. She finally speeds up just a little and heads down to the ring as Flair tightens the hold before breaking it. Flair gets up as Ripley enters the ring. Flair immediately retreats to the floor and has a staredown with Ripley as NXT goes off the air.