MLW Fusion Results – February 22, 2020

MLW Fusion Results - February 22, 2020

Rich Bocchini and AJ Kirsch hype the evening’s card, which includes King Mo returning to action, the debut of Erick Stevens, and the aforementioned Lawlor versus Ross Von Erich.

Footage of Mance Warner assisting the Von Erich’s in last week’s main event tag title match against Dynasty. Cut to the ring… Moonshine Mantell is already in the ring. He faces the giant Logan Creed. A prepackaged promo from Creed says he is no longer with the Dynasty, and that the heathen has been “unleashed.”

Moonshine Mantell versus Logan Creed

Tie-up. Moonshine connects with a huge chop but it has not affect. Creed picks Moonshine up with a choke lift… Moonshine lands on his feet… Creed runs through him with a shoulder block. Huge fists to Moonshine’s gut. Creed plays to the crowd. This gives Moonshine the opening to land more chops… Creed whips him into the corner and hits a big overhand chop of his own that echoes throughout the arena. Another one. Creed charges… Moonshine moves but Creed retakes control with a huge boot to the face. He goes for a half-and-half suplex… Moonshine breaks free and traps Creed in the corner. A flurry of offense from Moonshine… Creed shakes it off and hits a chokeslam off his knee. Moonshine crawls to the apron… Creed sends him to the outside with a big boot. Creed sets up… a flying dive over the top! Crowd erupts! He throws Moonshine back into the ring… powerbomb. That’ll do it.

Logan Creed wins by pinfall

Dynasty video. Alexander Hammerstone is hanging out with Gino Medina. Richard Holliday comes up and yells at Hammerstone for bringing Grogan (Logan Creed) into the Dynasty’s life. Hammerstone said he was a gift, but that they can’t worry about it anymore. “We need to focus on the future.” Hammerstone tells Holliday that they need to ruin Mance Warner’s life for getting involved in their business.

A vignette for Erick Stevens. He’s debuting later tonight against Douglas James. Preview for MLW Intimidation Games from Chicago.

The Top 10 contenders for the MLW Heavyweight title according to PWI are revealed. They are:

10. Dominic Garrini
9. Low Ki
8. Jimmy Havoc
7. Richard Holliday
6. Tom Lawlor
5. Mance Warner
4. Brian Pillman Jr.
3. Myron Reed
2. Alexander Hammerstone
1. Davey Boy Smith Jr.

Quick interview with Erick Stevens. He’s asked about his plans in MLW. “I’m here to make an impact. Find the toughest guy in the place… walk up to him… and challenge him to a match. Toughest guy in this company… .Davey Boy Smith.”

Erick Stevens then comes out. Douglas James is out second.

Erick Stevens versus Douglas James

Tie-up. Stevens forces James to the corner. He rubs his forearm off his face. James doesn’t like this and gets right in Stevens face. Stevens slams James to the ground. Nice sequence of ground wrestling showing off both men’s technique. Stevens shoves James… James picks the ankle and slaps Stevens in the head. They taunt each other. Stevens ties James up in the ropes and chops him hard across the chest. James with an impressive jumping arm-drag. Pace picks up… James goes for a frankensteiner… Stevens catches him and attempts a powerbomb but James turns it into a sunset-flip pin… only two. They stare each other down and reset. Another tie-up. James hits a chop this time, then dumps Stevens to the outside. James tries a suicide dive… Stevens catches him and slams him off the apron. Back in the ring… Stevens smashes James’ face off the turnbuckles. More chops. He stomps James down in the corner.

James comes off the ropes and Stevens nails a running elbow. He drives another elbow into the top of James’ skull. He slaps James hard. That wakes James up. He spits in his hand and returns a slap to Stevens. Headscissor takedown from James. He lays into Stevens with leg kicks. Stevens catches one and chokeslams James for a nearfall. Stevens sets up for a surfboard… he fishhooks James by the mouth, then stomps both knees into the mat. James gets to his feet… thrusting knee connects, followed by a superkick. Running meteora by James… he NEARLY wins it but Stevens just kicks out on the pin attempt. James unloads a number of kicks… Stevens taunts him… HUGE haymaker from James. He bounces off the ropes… Stevens picks him up in a firemans carry… gutbuster. Huge lariat by Stevens… he calls for the finish. Screwdriver. It’s over.

Erick Stevens wins by pinfall

Camera cuts to an altercation between Mance Warner and Dynasty. Dynasty reveals that they’ve attacked Warner’s friend. He tells the camera crew to call an ambulance.

Promo from Contra. Fatu calls out all the luchadores in AAA, stating he doesn’t care about the promotion’s new deal with MLW… he will “whoop that ass.”

Killer Kross vignette is played. Elsewhere… Tom Lawlor is asked about Davey Boy Smith teaming with the Von Erichs. He says he doesn’t care, then mocks both families.

A replay of Fusion from two weeks ago, when Injustice attacked Brian Pillman Jr. during his world title matchup against Jacob Fatu. Promo from Injustice. They say that Pillman only received that title shot because of his last name.

Jimmy Havoc and Priscella Kelly say they’re happy with their feud with Mance Warner being over because one of them would have ended up dead. “Right now we’re going to regroup. We’re going to see who is next for some ultraviolence.”

A recap of the confrontation between King Mo and Low Ki from a few weeks ago. Mo makes his way out to the ring along with Dan Lambert. He’ll be facing Doctor Dax, who is already in the ring.

King Mo versus Doctor Dax

Dax attacks Mo from behind. Double-chop to Mo’s chest. Mo screams in pain. Mo dodges a corner splash, then lays into Dax with huge strikes. He goes for a high-crotch suplex but Dax is too big. He goes for a powerslam… Mo sneaks behind him and locks in the rear-naked choke. Dax taps out. This one is over quick.

King Mo wins by submission

Commentary commends Mo for beating a man of Dax’s size so quickly. Video hyping the return of LA Park. Says he will be back next week. Commentary confirms that he’ll be teaming with El Hijo de la Park to take on Contra Unit’s Josef Samael and Simon Gotch.

Main event time. The tale of the tape is shown. Tom Lawlor is out first, along with Dominic Garrini. Ross Von Erich is out second. Here we go.

Tom Lawlor versus Ross Von Erich

Ross comes out hot and traps Lawlor in the corner. Huge flurry of strikes, including uppercuts. He batters Lawlor so bad that Lawlor rolls to the outside to recover. Lawlor takes control and hits knees into Ross’ face. Vertical suplex, followed by a ground and pound. Lawlor continues to wear Ross down with his in-ring IQ. Huge chop drops Ross to the mat. Lawlor plays to the crowd, who boo him heavily. Yes kick to Ross’ chest. Ross builds up his momentum… he pounds Lawlor down in the corner. He goes to the opposing corner… running dropkick lands. Ross with a brainbuster. Cover… Lawlor just kicks out. Ross calls for the claw… Garrini jumps in the ring to cause the disqualification.

Ross Von Erich wins by disqualification

Garrini and Lawlor assault Ross until Marshall Von Erich runs out to save his brother! The Von Erichs gain the upperhand. The dump Lawlor to the outside and call for the Iron Claw double-team. Erick Stevens comes from behind and attacks the Von Erichs! He’s aligned with Team Flithy! Fans boo. Crowd can’t believe it. Lawlor mocks the Von Erichs by hitting them with cowbells. They beat the brothers down.

That’s the show friends.


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