MLW Fusion Results – February 15, 2020

MLW Fusion Results - February 15, 2020

This week’s Fusion is executive produced by the Dynasty faction. The opening credits features clips of the Dynasty in action, along with their theme song.

Rich Bocchini and AJ Kirsch officially welcome us to Fusion. Bocchini reads a prepared statement from Dynasty, which includes today’s card. Gino Medina battles Septimo Dragon. Alexander Hammerstone defends the National Openweight championship against Aerostar, and MJF and Richard Holliday challenge the Von Erichs for the MLW tag team titles.

Flashback to a statement made last week by Mance Warner. He called the Dynasty “a**holes.” Warner has been banned from the arena this week. Cut to Medina joining forces with Dynasty last month. Medina later attacked Konnan, stomping him down with the help of Hammerstone, Holliday, and MJF. Medina enters first for his bout with Septimo Dragon. Dragon is second accompanied by Konnan. Richard Holliday is on commentary with Bocchini and Kirsch, and our opening contest is under way.

Gino Medina versus Septimo Dragon

Dragon charges Medina to start. Medina rolls to the outside but Dragon takes him out with a springboard moonsault. Nice sequence of counters… Dragon bounces off the ropes and hits a suicide dive. He throw Medina back in for a cover… only two. Pace picks up… each man shows off his incredible athleticism, which ends in a stalemate. They reset. Headscissor from Dragon, followed by a hand-walking corkscrew. Medina slams Dragon to the mat off of a maneuver. He lights up the luchadore’s chest with chops. Medina slows the action by applying a headlock. He targets Dragon’s arm with stomps. Medina traps Dragon in the corner… Dragon connects with a bood, then hits a springboard arm-drag to retake control. Medina fires right back with a trouble in paradise for a nearfall. Medina rolls to ringside and shoves Konnan. They argue… Dragon takes advantage… springboard moonsault. Superkick rocks Medina. Back in the ring… Dragon catches Medina in a Spanish-Fly. Another two count. Fans chanting loud for both men… Dragon goes for a step-through DDT… he gets it… Medina sneaks a shoulder up on the pin attempt. Dragon goes to the top… double-stomp misses… Medina catches Dragon in a firemans carry and snake eyes Dragon off the turbuckle. Cradle from Medina… he uses the ropes for leverage… he got em!

Gino Medina wins by pinfall

Post match Medina and Holliday attack Dragon and rip off his mask. Konnan gets into the ring with a slapjack and starts swinging. Dynasty fleas. Segment ends.

Commentary reads another statement from Dynasty. “Tonight is a guarantee that there will be new MLW tag team champions.”

Mance Warner releases a video on his Twitter. We’re told that he’s outside the arena and wasn’t allowed in because of dress code. He promises that fans will see him again soon.

Advertisement for MLW Intimidation Games in Chicago, followed by vignette on Erick Stevens. Bocchini tells us that Stevens will be making his official debut next week.

Aerostar makes his way out next for his title opportunity against Hammerstone. The champ is out second. Konnan is on commentary. He puts over the MLW/AAA event coming up in Tijuana.

Alexander Hammerstone versus Aerostar for the MLW National Openweight championship

Good amount of Aerostar fans in attendance. Hammerstone chokes Aerostar in the corner. Aerostar escapes… he walks the ropes and rocks Hammerstone with a springboard dropkick. Aerostar follows up with a springboard trust fall that takes Hammerstone off his feet. Match goes to a commercial break. When action returns it shows that Hammerstone took advantage with an apron powerbomb and an elevated double-underhook suplex. Back in the ring… Aerostar nearly steals the win with a crossbody. Hammerstone nails a big forearm. He goes for the Nightmare Pendulum… Aerostar cradles him… two count. Pace picks up… Aerostar uses the ropes to build up speed… jumping cutter for a nearfall. Fans trying to rally Aerostar for the win. He goes to the top… Hammerstone crotch drops him. Hammerstone unloads right hands… he goes for a stalling superplex… he gets it. Cover… Aerostar JUST gets a shoulder up. Hammerstone can’t believe it. He argues with the referee. Pump kick from Hammerstone, followed by a release German. He goes for a powerbomb… Aerostar turns it into a sunset flip pin… two. Hammerstone rips the mask right off Aerostar’s face! He school boys him… Hammerstone wins.

Alexander Hammerstone wins by pinfall to retain the MLW National Openweight championship

Afterwards Konnan screams at Hammerstone for ripping off the mask, saying how it’s disrespectful. Officials cover up Aerostar’s face and help him to the back. Hammerstone smiles and exits. Aerostar’s mask is left in the ring. This ends the segment.

Message from “Filthy” Tom Lawlor. He and Dominic Garrini are still walking around Dallas. They stand on the “hollowed grounds” of the famous Sportatorium, the famous arena that the Von Erich family wrestled in. Garrini calls the location a dump. Lawlor wishes the Von Erichs luck, but says that they have a future showdown against Team Filthy. They both take a piss on the grounds.

The Killer Kross video package is played.

MLW world champion Jacob Fatu calls for challengers from all across the world. He calls out CIMA from the Stronghearts. “HAIL CONTRA,” screams Fatu. Commentary confirms that Fatu will defend against CIMA on a later episode of Fusion.

Interview with the Von Erichs. They stand with Davey Boy Smith Jr. Davey Boy says there’s always been a unity between the Hart family and the Von Erich family. He says he’ll watch their back in the main event tonight, especially for Tom Lawlor. He promises “an eye for an eye.”

Elsewhere, Dynasty’s Gorgan and Mance Warner bump into each other. Gorgan says that under Dynasty’s orders… he’s not allowed to let Warner in. He and Warner share a beer. Gorgan asks for another. He tells Warner that MJF is an a**hole and lets him in. Warner agrees and enters.

LA Park making his MLW return “soon.” Commentary tells us that King Mo will be in action, as well as Erick Stevens debuting against Douglas James. Also next week… “Filthy” Tom Lawlor versus Ross Von Erich.

The Von Erichs are out first. Dynasty (MJF and Richard Holliday) attack them from behind. Here we go.

Von Erichs versus Dynasty for the MLW tag team championship

Dynasty separates the Ross and Marshall away from each other as they continue to beat them down. They whip the brothers into the guard raid. Holliday drops Marshall on the apron with a back suplex. They throw Ross into the ring and stomp him down. Referee finally gains some control and places the teams on the aprons. Holliday uses the rude awakening neckbreaker on Ross. He targets the ankle, then pulls him over to his corner… MJF tags in. Wishbone from Dynasty. Ross has several opportunities to tag in Marshall but Dynasty keeps getting to him at the last second. Tandem elbows from MJF and Holliday. Ross lands on his feet and pushes against Holliday… Holliday drives him into the corner again. MJF with a flurry of right hands. Vertical suplex for a nearfall. MJF calls for a double-suplex. Ross lands on his feet and takes Dynasty down with a double-neckbreaker. Ross finally makes the hot tag to Marshall.

Marshall comes in on fire.Big right hands to Holliday. He dumps MJF to the outside, then hits a running corner lariat on Holliday. He sends him to the other side… another lariat. Cannonball and powerslam from Marshall. He sets up… standing moonsault connects. Cover… Holliday kicks out. Ross out of nowhere with a running knee… Marshall hits a discus lariat. A CLOSE two. MJF comes at the Von Erichs… double-dropkick. Ross uses Marshall as a launching pad… plancha onto MJF! Holliday nails a running boot on Ross. Marshall sets Holliday up on the top rope… superplex but Holliday blocks it… Holliday with a final cut off the rope. MJF on the others side… splash. Cover… Ross breaks it up. Hammerstone makes his way to the ring… Mance Warner comes from behind and hits Warner with a chair. Medina comes out and he and Warner brawl. Back in the ring… Von Erichs double dropkick Holliday to ringside. Marshall applies the claw to MJF… Ross from behind… CLAW SLAM. It’s over.

The Von Erichs win by pinfall to retain the MLW tag team championship

Fans are going nuts. Von Erichs celebrate. Dynasty is all laid out.


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