Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Matt Hardy Fuels Speculations While Addressing Contract Status

Matt Hardy Fuels Speculation While Addressing Contract Status
As noted earlier, there have apparently been some talks about Matt Hardy working in NXT.

Now, it looks like Matt wants to fuel speculation, as he posted a tweet tonight addressing the rumors about his current contract status. He wrote:

With a hand of days remaining, nothing is yet written in stone. Every major player is currently on the board, everyone’s at the table.

I must rePROCURE.
I must seek out my ARCADIA.

Then what’s NeXT?

As you can see, the "next" word is written with N-X-T in capital letters and the animated gif of Hardy playing chess was a nice touch.

However, Matt posted another interesting GIF of himself while sitting in his chair of wheels. His target was Randy Orton. The caption to this video said:”DEAR DR RKO.” It didn’t take very long at all for fans to figure out that those letters can be rearranged to say “DARK ORDER”.

As we've noted, Matt's WWE contract is expiring on March 1st and he is expected to leave the company and possibly joining AEW as the leader of Dark Order. At least on twitter, Matt Hardy is playing a nice "chess game" with us.