Friday, February 7, 2020

Former WWE Star Adam Bomb Face Narcotics Charges

Former WWE Star Adam Bomb Face Narcotics Charges
Wrestling fans will surely remember WWE Superstar Adam Bomb, who also wrestled as one-half of the Kronik tag team in WCW with partner Brian “Crush” Adams.

Emmett Bryan Clark Jr, now 55, has pleaded not guilty to a series of charges, including transporting narcotics.

Clark is facing “conspiracy, illegal control of enterprise, transporting or selling narcotics, drug possession and possessing a weapon during a drug offense” and authorities say the crimes happened in January and April 2019.

“This is an ongoing matter,” an Arizona Attorney General’s Office spokeswoman told The Arizona Republic.

Clark’s attorneys say the charges against their client are “unreliable and false information.”

Attorney Robbert Jarvis says the alleged facts of the case have been grossly misconstrued and “This includes incorrect allegations relating to medication and its use.” The attorney also noted that the weapons charge against him was “ludicrous” and the weapon is based on a family heirloom, a Korean War pistol that was used and stored at Clark’s home.

The attorney also said that his client has been “targeted because of his notoriety and acquaintances.”