Saturday, February 22, 2020

Backstage Talk on Matt Riddle's Potential

Backstage Talk on Matt Riddle's Potential
The backstage feeling on Matt Riddle appears to be mixed with some people thinking that he’s got “magic” while others don’t see anything extraordinary about him.

A common theme though seems to be that Riddle has a “lack of understanding of politics” which the Wrestling Observer Newsletter points as examples where he tried to do programs with Goldberg and Brock Lesnar without going to them first. However, with WWE playing this up and even airing clips of Riddle making the comments calling out Lesnar, it appears that someone influential backstage wants the entire thing turned into a storyline.

One of the positives in Riddle's favor is that he appears to be one of the few wrestlers in NXT who can draw younger viewers as WWE hasn't had anyone in that position since John Cena left. Riddle, while already 34 years of age, can pass off as someone in his mid-20s for now, but at some point won't be able to play the type of character he's currently playing.