Wednesday, January 15, 2020

U.S. Navy Respond To Allegations of Sgt Slaughter Faking Military Service

Sgt Slaughter made headlines last week when resurfaced information showed that he has no actual military background after performing under a Marine gimmick for decades.

Many would argue that what Slaughter did during his wrestling career would earn him enough votes but there are questions about his military service that could make some second guess their decision to vote for him.

The issue that has been raised with Slaughter is that he does non-kayfabe interviews where he has indicated that he served in the Marines.

SoCal Uncensored reached out to the Department of the Navy to find out if Sgt. Slaughter ever served in the United States Marines. According to the department of the Navy, he did not serve in the Marines as he has claimed and he continues to claim in interviews.

“MMRP was not able to identify Mr. Remus as a member or former member of the U.S. Marine Corps or Marine Corps Reserve based upon the information provided in your request.”

Some fans have argued that Slaughter is just playing a character like The Undertaker plays a deadman. Others will point out that the difference is that The Undertaker does not claim to be a dead man when he does out-of-character interviews. Slaughter continues to claim in shoot interviews that he served in 2 tours of Vietnam while in the Marine Corps. Slaughter has been recognized by people in the military who had no idea that he did not serve. In 2009, Slaughter accepted the Commander-In-Chief’s Gold Medal of Merit from the Veterans of Foreign Wars.