Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Update on The Velveteen Dream's Back Injury, Return Note

Update on The Velveteen Dream's Back Injury, Return Note
It will be interesting to see if The Velveteen Dream returns to WWE NXT soon.

It was first reported back in October that Dream was dealing with back problems after WWE did a backstage angle that pulled Dream from his planned title match with NXT North American Champion Roderick Strong. There had been a lot of talk within WWE that Dream was suffering from legitimate back pain.

In an update, Dave Meltzer noted on the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio that Dream's back injury was "pretty serious" but there's no word yet on when he will be back.

It's still possible that Dream returns to action in the next few weeks. It was reported on November 5 that Dream was expected to be out of action for "a few months," which would have put him back in the ring in late 2019 or the first of 2020, which would be now. There has been speculation on Dream making his return in the 30-Man Royal Rumble Match later this month, but that would obviously depend on if WWE doctors have medically cleared him to compete.

Following the backstage angle with The Undisputed Era that led to Dream being pulled from the title match with Strong, it was announced in the weekly NXT Injury Report, which is sometimes just for the storylines, that Dream was not medically cleared to compete due to undisclosed injuries from the attack. The week before that the Injury Report noted that Dream was suffering from "lumbar pain" due to his previous match with Strong. Around that time it was noted on NXT TV by NXT General Manager William Regal that it may be a "long time" before we saw Dream back in action. Dream's last match came on the September 18 NXT TV episode, which is where he lost the title to Strong.

Dream's Twitter account remains blank with no tweets, and his Instagram account is still private.