Monday, January 13, 2020

Triple H Made Insensitive Joke About Paige

Triple H Made Insensitive Joke About Paige
While ansering some questions after NXT UK TakeOver Show, Triple H talked about the rumors about Edge and Paige possibly returning to the ring.

Towards the end of the video seen below, he said that he would love to see them in the ring again but more importantly, he would like to see them have healthy lives because Edge has kids and then added, “Paige maybe. She probably has some that she doesn’t know of.”

The reporters in the room laughed at the joke but Paige did not find it funny. The joke in insensitive especially when you know that Paige has talked about not being able to have kids. During a 2016 episode of Total Divas, she revealed that she has a miscarriage when she was 18. She added that she had surgery that could stop her from having kids in the future.

In response to what Triple H said this past weekend, Paige tweeted, “Even my boss jokes about me.. no wonder you guys still do it too.”

Triple H has not commented publicly since Paige’s tweet. You can see her tweet and hear what Triple H said in the video below.