The Usos Open Up About Recent WWE Hiatus

The Usos Open Up About Recent WWE Hiatus

The Usos were this week’s guests on WWE Backstage. During their appearance, Jimmy and Jey Uso had a lot of fun remembering the Reality Of Wrestling days with Booker T and Ember Moon.

Then Renee Young asked a serious question about their recent WWE hiatus. Jimmy Uso opened up about how being on the road consumed their lives. It was eventually time to step away and focus on themselves and their families.

“You know how it is being on the road, it’s hectic,” Jimmy said. “You almost get tunnel vision on the road. It becomes your baby. It becomes ‘What do I need to do? How can I fix that crap? How can I get over with this? How can I talk this way? How can I look this way?’ And you put so much energy into this. And I think that’s what we were doing. We didn’t slow down. We almost got to get away from it.”

Jey Uso said: “Detox.” Jimmy agreed.

Jey also said that it’s when you’re at your lowest that you see all the opportunities in front of you. He said they were headed to their lowest, so they needed to get away.

They spoke about having kids and knowing what they see when their names are Google searched. Jimmy said people make mistakes and they realize that it can all be over in an instant. Thankfully, after a hiatus they were ready to make a return to WWE.


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