Saturday, January 11, 2020

Speculation on Matt Hardy Joining AEW's Dark Order

Speculation on Matt Hardy Joining AEW's Dark Order
Matt Hardy's WWE contract is reportedly set to expire on March 1st, and he is expected to leave the company.

Over the past few months, Hardy has put out videos for a Free the Delete series on his YouTube channel. According to the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Hardy presented an idea to have the series reintroduce the "Woken" / "Broken" character in WWE, but they passed.

Over in AEW, the Dark Order storyline is now teasing a mysterious leader, or "exalted one." Earlier this month, the Dark Order released a video of Evil Uno entering the leader's office and saying "it is done."

The first words out of the leader's mouth was, "wonderful," a popular phrased used by Hardy. It was noted in the Observer that there is a lot of speculation that Hardy is the pick to lead the group.

In Hardy's latest Free the Delete, he seemingly referenced leaving WWE in March.