Friday, January 10, 2020

Possible Rey Mysterio Plans, Backstage News On Andrade US Title Win

Possible Rey Mysterio Plans, Backstage News On Andrade US Title Win
According to Dave Meltzer, Andrade defeating Rey Mysterio for the United States Title last month had reportedly been the plan all along and was not a last minute decision.

The idea behind Rey's title loss to Andrade at the December 26 MSG live event was to have Rey move into the top feud on the RAW brand, which is Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe battling Seth Rollins and The Authors of Pain.

Andrade is set to move into a program with a new top babyface. He was originally slated to feud with Humberto Carrillo, which is why Carrillo defeated Andrade twice back in December. While that was the plan several weeks back, the WWE NXT invasion angle led to some creative changes that resulted in AJ Styles and The OC earning multiple wins in a row over Carrillo, causing him to lose some steam. It's not known who Andrade will feud with next.

This week's RAW saw WWE veteran Big Show return for his first match in more than a year, to help Joe and Owens battle Rollins, Akam and Rezar. That feud will continue with a "Fist Fight" six-man on next week's RAW. Next week's RAW will also see the Mysterio vs. Andrade feud continue after Andrade removed Rey's mask this past Monday. There's no word yet on how long Big Show is around for the RAW main event storyline, or when Rey Mysterio will move into his spot with Joe and Owens, if that is still the plan.