Thursday, January 23, 2020

NXT Women's Championship Reportedly Getting a Name Change

NXT Women's Championship Reportedly Getting a Name Change
Over the past few years, the so called Women's Revolution has managed to change WWE's perception of female wrestlers for the better.

It took a long time for the term "Divas" to disappear. It appears the main roster isn't the only one feeling some change when it comes to certain terms.

According to PWInsider, there is an internal memo within WWE to call the NXT Women's Championship just the NXT Championship. There is no word if the Raw or SmackDown Women's Titles will get a change as well.

The timing of this is interesting, especially after this week's WWE Backstage. Raw Women's Champion Becky Lynch went on the program and was asked by CM Punk what she would change. She pleaded for WWE to stop referring the women's division as that, and just call the men and women's plain wrestlers or superstars. Becky stated a lot of history has been made, and she wants everything to be normalized between the men and women.

Punk had also credited the progress of the women's division on the show.

"I just think of the groundswell of representation. For the longest time this has always been a male dominated sport. It just opens so many different doors and avenues," Punk said. "There's a whole chunk of demographic out there that has been ignored for a very, very long time. It's just nice and exciting to see women who aren't just used as, pardon my French, pieces of ass."