Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Medical Update On Edge Following Brutal Attack On RAW (UPDATED)

Medical Update On Edge Following Brutal Attack On RAW
As noted, Edge returned on tonight's RAW episode, but he soon found out that WWE has a special way of welcoming back freshly cleared Superstars.

Randy Orton destroyed Edge with a conchairto on his surgically repaired neck. Following the brutal attack WWE released an update on the Rated R Superstar’s condition.

In an official update sent out by WWE it was revealed that Edge was taken to a local medical facility. We are waiting further updates.
Edge has been taken to a local medical facility following an attack by Randy Orton at the conclusion of Raw, WWE.com has learned.

The WWE Hall of Famer, who returned to Raw following an in-ring comeback at the 2020 Royal Rumble event, was celebrating his improbable return from retirement when Orton attacked, targeting Edge’s surgically-repaired neck with several steel chair strikes.

Please check back with WWE.com for updates as they become available.
Edge and Randy Orton seemingly have all the build they need at this point for a WrestleMania collision. There are still 69 days left until the show of shows so Orton will likely receive a receipt eventually.

WWE released this footage of what happened after RAW as Edge was loaded up on a stretcher and taken away in a neck brace.