Saturday, January 18, 2020

Konnan Involved in Physical Confrontation Outside Impact Wrestling Event (Video)

Konnan Involved in Physical Confrontation Outside Impact Wrestling Event (Video)
As seen below, a video has surfaced of Konnan getting in a confrontation with a mystery man in Mexico City. This guy’s face is blurred out, but he did slap Konnan in the video.

Konnan did not get physical and for good reason. Dave Meltzer revealed that this video was taken outside of an Impact Wrestling taping on Friday night. The blurred out man is apparently Leon Negro better known as Psicosis II.

This feud apparently started on Twitter last month as Psicosis II said on Twitter that he won’t be returning to AAA until Konnan is gone.

In a tweet translated from Spanish, Psicosis II said:

This is a friend from 1997 to 2019 I am still Psychosis despite whoever weighs him and Konnan is the first who does not think so and as long as he drives the AAA roster I’m not appearing in AAA

Konnan then replied. He didn’t seem to care much and alleged that Psicosis II never said anything to him about this.

It seems that the only thing that weighs on you is the same, I saw you at the AAA offices, you didn’t tell me anything but I keep telling you the same if there is so much quality because I don’t see you in another big company? ROH, NXT, 205, MLW, Impact, AEW, Nation, CMLL, Puerto Rico (IWA, WWC) etc

This was met with a response from Psicosis II saying that he will meet with Konnan face to face next time. This is what we saw in this video: