Konnan Talks Getting Slapped By Psicosis II

Konnan Talks Getting Slapped By Psicosis II

Last Frriday, a video surfaced of Konnan getting slapped by Psicosis II at an Impact taping in Mexico. On Sunday, Psicosis spoke with President XL and he explained the entire situation.

It should be noted that this is not the original Psicosis, Dionicio Castellanos Torres, that has worked with WCW and WWE, but rather Juan Ebodio Gonzalez. On his podcast, Keepin It 100, Konnan gave some background into the situation referencing La Parka and L.A. Park.

“The match was La Parka vs. L.A. Park. They had never wrestled. We actually did that in Triplemania for AAA, and the new La Parka who had been there for many years more than 10 years already, when the originally came back, everybody was with the originally,” Konnan said. “As a matter of fact, last year, we went to a show where La Parka was wrestling, everyone went ‘L.A. Park. L.A. Park.’ Like they still didn’t want to accept this guy.”

Konnan discussed how the second Psicosis came about. He talked about how the second Psicosis was only popular because of the name and Antonio Peña, the founder of AAA, booking him in strong angles.

“Same thing happened with this guy. Nicho [Dionicio], Psicosis, the one you met at WCW. When he leaves WCW, Tony Peña [Antonio Peña] takes that name, and he gives it to another guy,” Konnan said. “This is the new guy, and he went through the same sh*t; ‘You’re not as good as Psicosis. You suck. You’re an imposter.’ [He would get that] especially when he would go to Tijuana which Nicho was from. He would really get it. That’s who that guy is. He’s the second version of Psicosis.

“He’s pretty popular because of the name Psicosis. Antonio Peña had him in strong angles.”

Konnan gave more background between himself and the second Psicosis. In his story, Konnan refers to the original Psicosis by his other name, Nicho, as to differentiate the original to the second version of the character.

“Around 12 years ago, we decided to do Psicosis vs. Psicosis. They had never faced each other. We had to come up with this idea to book them together in a match, so when Nicho comes back, they get into these street fights and all that, and the other guy is taking liberties on Nicho,” Konnan said. “Nicho is telling me, ‘hey bro. I didn’t come here to be fighting this f**king guy every f**king night. It’s f**king mental.’ So I go, ‘bro. What’s your f**king problem?’ He goes, ‘no man. We’re just out there working. I’m trying to make it look good.’ I go, ‘no bro. You’re taking f**king liberties because you’re trying to prove to everybody that you’re better than him because you’re getting heat for being the imposter Psicosis.’ That’s part of the gig what do you expect? We had another match, and after he tried to legitimately hurt Nicho. Then, we had a big event. They were gonna face [each other] at this big event, but Nicho just didn’t show up. That’s how serious I knew it was. I was like ‘bro, seriously? You’re not going to show up?’ He goes, ‘f**k that guy. I’m gonna go there and end up stabbing him or something. This guy is f**king crazy.'”

Konnan speculated on what the mindset of the second Psicosis probably was at the time. Konnan was helping book AAA at the time with Peña and played a part in Psicosis II’s lack of action in AAA.

“In this guy’s mediocre mind, he’s probably thinking, ‘good. I’m showing everybody I’m the real Psicosis. I’m tougher. I’m better.’ [The] f**king guy is mentally unstable just even trying what he did. Anyways, Psicosis [Nicho] left, and he didn’t want to work with him [Psicosis II],” Konnan said. “I told Peña, ‘what are we using this guy for?’ We started not to use him, so now he’s thinking in his mind, ‘I have something against this person.’

Konnan switched to current day when he started booking for AAA. He also goes into the Twitter feud the two had that led to the incident at the Impact taping.

“Fast forward to when Vampiro is booking, they’re using him,” Konnan said. “I come in. I see who I think I can do business with, and I say I’m gonna do business with you guys. You guys, I’m not gonna do business with. Well, he was out of that group that I didn’t want to work with, so he does an interview saying, ‘yeah I’m not in AAA because Konnan doesn’t like me, and if Konnan wasn’t there I’d be there.’ He just kept going on and on, so I put on Twitter like, ‘bro, if you were so good, why do I not see you in Nación [Lucha Libre] which is ADR’s [Alberto Del Rio / El Patron] or CMLL or Impact. I don’t see you anywhere. Maybe it’s not me. Maybe it’s you.’ He kept coming at me on Twitter, and I kept roasting him.”

Konnan then goes into the incident that has been seen by many wrestling fans. He goes into his own mindset on the situation as well as what Psicosis II was probably thinking in starting the incident.

“I think in that stupid mind of his he said, ‘f**k it. I gotta teach this guy a lesson somehow.’ I don’t know what he was thinking. The thing is, I show up to the f**king show. I’m alone. I’m getting out of a f**king van, and the next thing I see, he’s coming in with a whole bunch of guys, and a guy filming. I’m thinking, for a split second, this guy is probably trying to tape something for his website trying to get some buzz,” Konnan said. “He comes up immediately and escalates like, ‘f**k you man. You need to respect me. I’m the original Psicosis. You need to respect me like you respect him.’ I go, ‘chill out. What’s your f**king problem? What’s going on here?’ Now I see he’s with other guys, so I’m kind of looking around thinking, ‘is this guy actually gonna jump me with these guys?’ Well, I’m kind of looking out of my peripheral, and I’m trying to defuse the situation, and he slaps me. I’m thinking quick, for that split second, ‘bro, if I hit him, I know I’m gonna get jumped.’ I know I am. I just feel it.”

Konnan admitted that he thought about hitting Psicosis II back despite his health problems. He also considered going into the locker room to bring some wrestlers out.

“My first reaction. If we were one-on-one. I would’ve punched the sh*t out of him. Even with a bad heart because that would’ve been my first reaction. I don’t know if you can notice in the video. There’s guys around him making sure nobody comes. There’s two guys on the outside, and I heard him when he told the guy with the camera, ‘OK. That’s enough.’ Then he puts the camera down. So I’m thinking at that moment, let me get out of here so I can get into the dressing room and I can get everybody out,” Konnan said. “That’s what I did. I went into the dressing room. When I went to the dressing room, a whole bunch of other wrestlers were coming out like, ‘what happened? What happened?’ By the time they went out, he was already gone. If you notice, nobody got in because they were worried that these thugs were gonna f**k them up.”

The video of the incident soon released online for everyone to see. Konnan theorizes what Psicosis II was hoping to get out of the situation. He calls it a big mistake on Psicosis II’s end.

“I did an interview with the press two hours after this incident. The video had already been put up. After the interview, they were like, ‘hey they were trying to sell us this video. The guy just wanted credit, and they wanted money,” Konnan said. “So this guy was trying to film a video, try to get paid, try [and] to get a buzz. I don’t know if he was trying to tape and edit it to where I hit him back and he was gonna sue me, or he [would] edit it in a way where I hit him [and] ‘Konnan looks like a punk-a** b**tch. I look good.’ Or maybe I hit him and everyone is trying to stop me and that’s what he puts up. Since no press would pay or put it up there, they’d just be dead out there on their own. What humongous mistake. What a humongous mistake he made.”

Disco Inferno mocked Psicosis II for slapping the booker of a promotion for his status saying that doing that would not help his AAA status or his status in any wrestling company. Konnan agreed, and he talks more about the theoretical scenarios that could have happened.

“I’m thinking to myself, ‘what would have happened if other wrestlers would’ve come out ? They would’ve kicked the sh*t out of him, and were these guys armed? How would they have stopped an influx of wrestlers?’ That to me in my head was like, ‘what is going on here?’ That guy was waiting for me for like three f**king hours. This was all prepared. This was all set up,” Konnan said. “There’s a guy taping everything. He’s cutting a promo on me. There’s guys around me. They caught me quick. I’m glad I didn’t get left laying, but believe me, he made a very big mistake.”


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