Monday, January 6, 2020

Erick Rowan Storyline Takes A Twist (Video)

Erick Rowan Storyline Takes A Twist (Video)
Tonight's WWE RAW episode saw the Erick Rowan mystery pet cage storyline take an interesting twist after enhancement talent KJ Orso was squashed by Rowan.

Rowan took the jobber to ringside after the match and let him have a look in the cage. The man was suddenly sprayed with red liquid, which may have been blood, and then he ran away with his face covered in red, screaming up the ramp. Rowan did a segment earlier in the night where Mojo Rawley looked in the cage and was terrified at what he saw.

Orso was using his real name and can be found on Twitter at @ks_orso. It looks like Orso rarely wrestles these days and it's interesting to note that he made his Twitter account private before RAW was over.