Monday, January 20, 2020

Being The Elite Ep. 187 Recap: Kenny Omega Hires The Wrong "Marty"

Being The Elite Ep. 187 Recap
This week's episode opens up with The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega trying to call someone, presumably Marty Scurll, with Matt and Nick not getting an answer.

The person answers, and Kenny offers them a full-time contract with AEW. Nick says to offer him the book. Kenny spices up the offer by offering them an Executive Vice President position, needing a member of The Elite to help them behind the scenes while also offering them $650,000 a year. The person takes the offer and they can start right away. Kenny brings up how this guy is a veteran and sounded tired. The Bucks say The Elite is back, Kenny says they added a new member. The Bucks think Kenny got off the phone with Marty Scurll, but Kenny says he signed Marty Jannetty.

* Following the credits, The Bucks tell Kenny to pick up the phone and release Jannetty. They call it WCW spending. Matt and Nick leave the room while Kenny supposedly calls Marty.

* We are in Miami, as Matt and Nick call it the only warm place in America. They talk about TNT renewing AEW's contract for a few more years, saying it is an amazing accomplishment.

* Stills from Bash at the Beach are shown. Kenny talks to Matt in their locker room and Hangman Page pulls him aside, saying not to change with the enemy (prior to the tag bout against them). Kenny agrees to change in the men's locker room.

* Leva is reading when someone interrupts her. She makes him wear glasses and gives him a book. They try handing out books to Scorpio Sky and Joey Janela, who rejects them. She fires him from the role, saying he is not Peter Avalon.

* Back to the Kenny-Marty phone call. Kenny tries talking to him, Marty has the whole family over. Kenny hears Hickenbottom in the background, and he talks to Shawn Michaels. He says he wanted to help Marty but things just didn't work out and wants Marty back on the phone, as he doesn't want to talk about hunting. "Shawn" is still on the phone with Kenny after several minutes, asking what his personal relationship with Christ is. Kenny asks if he ever thinks about coming back for one more match. "Shawn" asks his thoughts on Adam Cole, Kenny says he was pretty good while he was still alive.

* Luchasaurus is trying to sleep but he is having nightmares of CIMA.

* Orange Cassidy is hanging around, trying to open a bottle of water when Kris Statlander appears. She asks for the bottle, struggles to open it and then splashes the water all over Cassidy. She pokes him on the nose and gives him the bottle.

* Video footage of Jon Moxley with his new car is shown. After the show, Cassidy is looking at the car. Someone (not Moxley) asks if he wants a ride, and Cassidy asks if he's insured by Survival. Both don't know what that is (90's commercial), and he gets in the car.

* Sammy Guevara flirts with Jenn Decker and Marko Stunt confronts him. They both shush her as they fight over her. Jenn leaves and Leva appears. They shush one another and act like Jenn is still there. Leva grabs their fingers and shushes both of them.

* Kenny is still on the phone with "Shawn" saying he's been on the phone with him for 4 1/2 hours. He accepts a guest training role at the WWE PC, saying they'll double-team the guys. Marty is finally on the line and Kenny says they have to fire him, saying it was a major miscommunication on his part. Marty starts to cry and puts his kid on the phone. Shawn is back on and Kenny asks for Marty to come back on. Kenny states that they are "firing" Marty from $650,000 a year. A "don't call us we'll call you" situation, and offers him $1 million. Kenny says not to tell anyone and Marty accepts it. Matt and Nick come back and asks how it went. Kenny says Marty took it hard and says at the very least, they are no longer paying Marty $650,000. He says he gave him hush money to take care of it, the Bucks ask how much and Kenny says $1 million, and he has to guest train.