Friday, January 10, 2020

Becky Lynch Denies Signing Lucrative WWE Contract

Becky Lynch Denies Signing Lucrative WWE Contract
As we noted earlier today via Wrestling Observer, Becky Lynch may have signed a new WWE contract in 2019, worth $1 million per year. It was also noted that most of the new WWE contracts being offered are for 5 years.

The current RAW Women's Champion took to Twitter today to shoot down the report, saying that the report is not true as her contract expires soon.

"Report not true. Haven't signed anything new in years. Deal coming up soon," Lynch stated on Twitter.

Becky Lynch also made a Twitter reference to her WWE contract on December 30 ahead of RAW, where the Asuka match was made official. She wrote, "It's amazing what they'll give you when you remind them your contract is coming up soon. More to say on Raw."