Monday, December 30, 2019

What Went Wrong During Lana - Lashley Wedding, Liv Morgan Revealed as Lana's Lover, More!

What Went Wrong on Lana - Lashley Wedding, Liv Morgan Revealed as Lana's Lover, More!
This week on RAW, Lana and Bobby Lashley held their wedding in the ring but, as expected, something went wrong. Really wrong.

The officiant begins his speech but fans start booing. He says he speaks for everyone when he says they hope Lana and Lashley have a love that makes them better versions of themselves. He goes on and mentions kids for the happy couple but Lana interrupts and says she didn't put that in the script. She doesn't want a little monster coming out of her, giving her stretch marks and everything else, making her like all these Lana wannabes. She tells the man to read the script she gave him. He asks Lashley if he's sure he wants to continue. Fans chant "Rusev Day!" as the officiant continues. Lana yells out that this isn't about Rusev.

This is just dragging and Lana is horrible. She's ready to get to the vows because the crowd won't stop chanting for Rusev. Lana says this is the luckiest day of Lashley's life because he's marrying the greatest WWE Superstar in history. She goes on about how great she is and takes some shots at the fans. She goes on and on and on and says Lashley's whole life has led to this. This is what he's worked hard for. This is what his manhood is for. She just wants to jump on top of him and make love right now. They kiss. The officiant thanks Lashley for his restraint. The officiant says Lashley can begin when he wants to but Lana won't shut up.

Lana says she spent a lot of time on the vows that Lashley is about to read to her. Fans give the "What!?" treatment to Lashley but Lana isn't happy. She keeps spelling her name out. I've never wanted to turn a WWE TV show off as bad as I do right now. Lashley thanks Lana for allowing him to marry her. The officiant is ready to get to the ring now. These rings are symbols of the love they express. Lashley receives the ring from the officiant as the "Rusev Day!" chants pick back up. Lashley repeats after the officiant and Lana interrupts to hurry them up. The officiant gives the other ring to Lana now but she interrupts him before he can ask her to repeat after him. Lana says her Bobby has always given her everything because it's all about her. The officiant says this is the part he dreads.

The officiant asks if there's anyone who believes these two should not get married, speak now or forever hold your peace. A man comes walking out, wearing a suit, and says he objects, this wedding is a sham and should not continue. The guy says he is Lana's first husband. He says he and Lana got married the day she turned 18. Then she left him for that son of a b---h Rusev. Lana tells the guy to get out of here, he's still in love with her. The guy calls Lashley a son of a b---h and says Lana will do the same thing to him when something bigger and better comes along, because that's what she does. Lashley grabs the guy and manhandles him, driving him hard into the mat. The guy rolls out to the floor.

The officiant asks if anyone else wants to speak out. The man goes to pronounce them man and wife, but out comes a woman who is objecting. Lashley looks worried. The woman tries to chant "no!" as she hits the apron. She says she's Bobby's first wife. They met while Lashley was in the military and it was so beautiful. Lana slaps the woman off the apron. Lana yells at the officiant and tells him to continue. The officiant asks one more time if anyone wants to speak up.

Liv Morgan is out next for her return. She objects and says this can't go on. The love of her life is right there. Liv says she would not have made it through this year if it weren't for their love. She came to WWE a lost soul, a wild teen who came to WWE. She goes on and says she never knew she could be herself until they met and fell in love with each other. Liv asks how could you do this to me, how? Lana and Lashley look on. Lashley has never touched this woman in his entire life, he's not sure what she's talking about. Liv says no, she's not talking about Lashley. Liv is in the ring now. She's talking about Lana! Horrible. Liv asks Lana why she's doing this, you don't love him. Fans chant "Liv!" now as she drops the mic. Lana starts crying. Liv is also crying. Lana slaps Liv in the face and shoves her. They start brawling as the officiant and Lashley watch. Lana and Liv roll around the ring brawling until a pair of referees pull them apart. WWE officials are out from backstage now to break the fight up. Fit Finlay holds Liv back on the floor but she runs back into the ring, then back out. Lana yells at the officiant to continue.

The man is about to pronounce them man and wife but the top of the huge fake cake is thrown off. Rusev comes out of the cake.

Rusev attacks Lashley and destroys him, beating him around the ring and yelling out. Lana is still crying. Fans chant for Rusev and he goes on to drop Lashley with a Machka Kick. They actually gave this an overrun. Liv runs back in and takes Lana down after Rusev puts Lashley down. Rusev and Liv stand tall as the final RAW of 2019 finally goes off the air.

Lana and Lashley were never declared husband & wife by the officiant. It looks like this could lead to a mixed tag team match with Liv and Rusev vs. Lana and Lashley, but there's no official word yet on what direction they have in mind. It looks like the RAW wedding angle and mainly Liv's return is receiving a lot of negative feedback from fans on social media. There had been a lot of anticipation on Liv's return and a lot of hope that she was headed for a strong return program with a push in the women's division, but tonight's RAW seems to have left a lot of fans with a bad feeling about everything.