Ryback On Vince McMahon Being Upset With Seth Rollins’ Over CM Punk Comments

Ryback On Vince McMahon Being Upset With Seth Rollins' Over CM Punk Comments

Last week on RAW, Seth Rollins called out CM Punk and the fact that he returned to a broadcasting job with FS1 on WWE Backstage rather than returning to the ring.

That apparently wasn’t scripted and Vince McMahon wasn’t happy with Rollins’ comments. On his podcast, Ryback discussed McMahon’s reaction and why Rollins brought up Punk’s name.

“I buy into the story that Vince McMahon was furious and I think it’s only part of it where they don’t want to deliver on that match. I have my theory where CM Punk wants that WrestleMania main event match, and Seth Rollins is really smart and wants that WrestleMania main event payday,” said Ryback. “That is why Randy Orton is putting out there a match against John Cena or The Rock for WrestleMania because you want to get that big WrestleMania payday. You want that match because it’s a once in a lifetime payday, the problem is that WWE they know what CM Punk wants 100 percent.

“For them, for everything to happen the way it did and for him to be able to come back and bring up the match and with Fox and want to negotiate that match, what do you do? You are going to have to pay this guy a lot of money. Now, what do you do for the finish? CM Punk, most likely, won’t want to put Seth Rollins over when he comes back and also WWE will not want to put CM Punk in the match and hand him the keys to the castle after everything that has come down, so now you are booking yourself into this and asking yourself what you should do? They can come up with a million different options to not do that and do something towards the end of that, but it puts them in a really tough negotiation position with that and it’s something they may not be interested in being in.”

Ryback added that Rollins’ comments could cause his value to drop in McMahon’s eyes. He compares the situation to McMahon souring on Humberto Carrillo in recent weeks for no reason after Carrillo was pushed as soon as he made his debut.

“This could be a way for WWE and Vince McMahon to downgrade Seth Rollins a little bit here. I think you may see him taking some L’s a little more often because once Vince McMahon sours on you, and I saw the thing with the Humberto [Carrillo] guy. It’s like a pimp who is done with his whore. Vince McMahon is done with him,” stated Ryback.

“He had his way with him for a few weeks and it’s like, oh, he’s done. The saying is that Vince is done with Humberto, of course, he is, he does it all the time. He gets a little toy, plays with it for a few weeks and then he comes up with a crazy reason about Humberto not getting over. There is always a reason for it, so yeah, Vince can be done with Seth as far as keeping him protected in the golden circle.”

Ever since the Raw after Survivor Series, Seth Rollins has been flirting with turning heel and it started with him calling out Team Raw. His work as a face earned him the Universal Championship, but not everyone was sold on Rollins being in his element as a babyface.

That includes Ryback and he explained why Rollins works better as a heel.

“A lot of guys make this mistake of what they do when they turn babyface. I have seen this time and time again. They all want that John Cena babyface role because moneywise if you can fall into that and move that kind of merchandise with the kid-friendly… I feel like Seth Rollins and others want to follow that John Cena babyface role. I had my personal issues with John Cena, but he excelled in that role and had it locked down for many years because he played that good-guy role very well. Some guys it comes off as forced so I think Seth Rollins naturally better as a heel,” said Ryback.


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