Being The Elite Ep. 182 – AEW Jokes About WWE’s “This Is Not A Sprint, This Is A Marathon”

Being The Elite Ep. 182

Below are highlights from the latest Being the Elite:

* Young Bucks going for a sprint, Matt falls to the ground and says he can’t breathe to Kenny Omega. Matt is passing out, but asks Kenny if they won the key demos this week. Omega slaps Matt and then tells Matt “This is not a sprint, this is a marathon,” referencing WWE’s statement after early numbers suggested Dynamite’s premiere episode was going to beat out NXT in their first head-to-head night. Omega then picks up Matt and gets him running again, “this is a war!” Omega then looks to the camera and says ‘Oh, we’re dead. We’re so dead, aren’t we?” in a reference to the Thanksgiving holiday NXT topping Dynamite in the ratings.

* Matt calls someone, but says they won’t pick up whenever he calls. Nick says it’s been a rough couple months for him, likely Adam Page, but they didn’t give a name. Nick says Kenny did pick up the phone though and he’s doing much better these days and they head off.

* In the gym, Michael Nakazawa tells Kenny he wants more matches, like Shida, who gets booked a lot more. He asks Kenny what he can do about that. Kenny says they need more “body guys” and says Nakazawa could trying lifting more heavy weights. Nakazawa says he’ll do that and the weights he pick up are the ten pound dumbbells. He does some reps, then offers them to Hiraku Shida, who was standing there the whole time. She passes and picks up much bigger weights. Nakazawa goes back to lifting his smaller weights, looking like he’s about to cry. Omega looks on from the back of the room.

* Peter Avalon says he can’t find Leva Bates to Big Swole (who isn’t paying attention), but Bates shows up and they go off together. Swole takes her headphones out and looks around confused, then goes back to her phone.

* Alex Marvez spoke with Scorpio Sky about going against AEW World Champion Chris Jericho, but came up short. Sky said his quest to be world champion will just have to wait, and he’s off to big and better things. Matt then shows up with a “Quest” bar and watches Sky eat it.

* BTE Mailbag: Luchasaurus, Marko Stunt, and Jungle Boy answer some questions. Stunt is asked what AEW’s “bud policy” is and he says he’s great friends with both of the guys next to him. Jungle Boy says his hair care routine is whatever is at Costco, Luchasaurus says he puts old river water on his, and then drinks it. In the background, Orange Cassidy makes his way up with Chuck and Trent coming into the picture. Trent stops what their doing and says The Young Bucks stole their talking and ordering room service in hotels shtick, so they aren’t letting Jurassic Express taking the BTE Mailbag, it’s theirs. Trent asks for a question, then apologizes for being so aggressive and asks Jurassic Express never to hug again (showing a clip of the group getting back together). “Who’s the leader of Jurassic Express?” Stunt says. Orange Cassidy responds, “Me.”

* Sky and Daniels do their “worst town” bit, but Kazarian isn’t there. They try to do the Kazarian rant, but neither can do it. “I just wanted to get on the show again,” Daniels says. His phone rings and it’s Kazarian, Daniels says they miss him and he yells “Do ya?!” Cut to Kazarian doing his usual arm workouts.

* Clips of Dynamite with the Young Bucks and Dustin Rhodes heading out to the ring, along with footage from the match.

* Quick “Join the Dark Order” clip.

* MJF and Wardlow show up before Scorpio Sky’s big title match. MJF says he just heard that Sky is a big fan of 90 Day Fiance. Sky can’t believe and rambles a bit, MJF slowly puts his hand with the AEW Diamond Ring on towards Sky a couple times, but Sky keeps putting his hand down. He finally asks what MJF is doing, “Look, just kiss it.” He doesn’t want to do it, camera pans over to Matt. “Sky, just kiss the damn ring and get out of here so I can put my pants on. This is my locker room.” MJF quickly puts it up to Sky’s lips and says “That counts, Wardlow, let’s go.” Sky walks over and mumbles, “Candy bars and rings.”

* Backstage, The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega talk about Dynamite and all feel like they had a good night. Kenny had a match on Dark, says he doesn’t want to spoil anything, but his recorded definitely needed it. The guys bring up audio issues, Nick says satellites were out in Atlanta so the whole network was having issues. Matt says it sucks because it’s something they can’t control, Kenny says it’s unfortunate if the fans at home can’t feel what’s going on live.

* Cut to Evil Uno saying “we can help you,” with “Join Dark Order” over it.

* Backstage, The Young Bucks and Brandon Cutler are heading in. Cutler sees a Dark Order “Stop Losing” advertisement and pauses to look at it, but Matt bump into him and says let’s go. Nakazawa also sees it, Kenny walks up “Dark Order, can you believe that s—?” Nakazawa almost takes an ad for their website, but heads off. Cut to a cameraman (who is usually Brandon Cutler) taking a slip of paper from the Dark Order ad.


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