Friday, November 15, 2019

Bray Wyatt vs. Daniel Bryan Set For Survivor Series

Bray Wyatt vs. Daniel Bryan Set For Survivor Series
At the end of this week's Smackdown episode, The Miz hosted another edition of The Miz TV with Daniel Bryan as his guest.

In what was an awesome promo, The Miz asks Bryan why he thinks The Fiend attacked him. Bryan doesn't answer. Miz acknowledges they don't like each other, but it's a simple question - why out of everyone in the locker room, did The Fiend choose Bryan? Bryan won't answer. Miz says he thinks the attack happened because The Fiend sees how Bryan isn't who he used to be, how he's confused about who he is these days. Miz goes on ranting and says The Fiend sees how Bryan is washed up now, and wants to be the one to end Bryan.

Bryan stands up and takes the mic. Bryan says he will talk about Bray in just a second, but the reason he was quiet is because MizTV sucks, and has always sucked. Some fans boo. Bryan says Miz is right, he's not the man he was and he's not the leader of the Yes Movement, he might be washed up and mentally unstable, but there's one thing that's the same as before - passion. The passion that helped him overcome the odds at WrestleMania. Bryan goes on but Miz interrupts. Bryan screams at him to shut up. Bryan says no one understands the passion and the mental instability together, which caused him to kill the Yes Movement, kick a man in the balls to win the WWE Title. No one understands passion and that kind of instability together, but Wyatt does. Bryan goes on about how mentally unstable Fiend is, and says so he is and there's no one better to fight someone mentally unstable than... the music interrupts as Wyatt appears on the big screen for a Firefly Fun House episode.

Wyatt tells Bryan it's rude to discuss a man when he's not present. Wyatt taunts Bryan and goes on about possibly why The Fiend attacked. Maybe The Fiend just wants to play with Bryan. Wyatt pulls various "toys" out of a chest and then brings out his favorite, the WWE Universal Title. Wyatt asks Bryan if he wants to come play and if he does, just say that one magical word. Fans chant "yes!" but Bryan says no. Wyatt's various puppets also say yes but Bryan keeps saying no. No, Bryan is not going to go back and play with Wyatt and his puppets. Bryan says Wyatt is trying to manipulate he and the people, but it won't work. Bryan says if Wyatt wants to fight, let's fight, but let's do it for the Universal Title. Bryan asks Wyatt what he says now. Wyatt guesses he would have to say... yes. Wyatt starts his own "yes!" chant and the crowd picks up on it some. Wyatt keeps chanting and laughing as Bryan looks on. Wyatt goes on and on and on as the Fun House music hits. Wyatt goes off the big screen. Miz says there we have it - Bryan vs. Wyatt at Survivor Series.