Wednesday, November 13, 2019

MJF Explains His Actions at Full Gear, Wardlow Debuts

MJF Explains His Actions at Full Gear, Wardlow Debuts
On tonight’s episode of AEW Dynamite, MJF Interrupted "Le Champion" Chric Jericho while he was cutting a promo and explained his turn on Cody Rhodes at Full Gear.

MJF said that Cody only cares about himself and doesn’t “give a s—” about the fans. “There’s only one person on this planet that knows the real Cody and you’re looking at him. The real Cody is a liar, a user and abuser. The real Cody saw a young kid … and all he saw was someone he could make into his puppet.”

Friedman went on to state that Cody just wanted to keep him under his thumb, “but his thumb ain’t big enough to hold me down.” As such, they’re looking at the new face of AEW. He then told Jericho that he’s a big fan and that he’s on his Mount Rushmore of wrestling. Jericho then asked if MJF wanted to join The Inner Circle, but MJF said he doesn’t need anyone. However, Jericho said that MJF wants to be like him and listed off their similarities. After a very entertaining verbal exchange, MJF finally embraced Jericho after they both named Cody Rhodes as the “biggest jackass in AEW.”

Cody Rhodes then ran down to the ring and took out both wrestlers until he was attacked by Wardlow took him out.