Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Liv Morgan Teases New Goth Character Again

Liv Morgan Teases New Goth Character Again
Last month, we noted how Liv Morgan teased a "darker side" ahead of her returns to the ring, posting some "cryptic tweets" and replacing profile and cover photos with just black images on social media.

Morgan hasn’t been seen on live events or the weekly TV shows since July. She attended the Women’s Affinity Group appearing with a new look.

There hasn’t been a whole lot said about what is planned for her but she has said that she will be her “real” self when she returns to TV and there’s been talk about a complete overhaul for her character.

On Twitter, Liv Morgan posted a photo that appears to show her with black nails and black lipstick and it looks like she may have a black necklace on. Fans on social media are speculating that her new character will be a darker, goth version of herself, some have even speculated that she may be brought in to portray Sister Abigail. But that’s pure speculation.