Impact Wrestling Results – November 5, 2019

Impact Wrestling Results - November 5, 2019

oVe are having a heck of a party to start Impact! Sami Callihan chugs a cold one and says that only “b*itches drink the bubbly.” Commentators Don Callis and Josh Mathews welcome fans to another edition to Impact Wrestling!

Moose vs. Willie Mack

Moose starts the match by putting a side headlock on Mack. Mack gets out of it and goes for a takedown, followed by a hurricanrana. Mack flips off the top rope and slams down hard on the outside mat. Both men are back in the ring. Moose with a dropkick in the corner. Moose then goes for a foot choke. Moose drags Mack out of the corner and hits him on the side of the head a few times. Moose sends Mack into the turnbuckle. Mack in the corner kicks Moose right in the chin. Mack is firing back with several chest chops. Moose returns the favor. Moose with an eye poke. The fans boo loudly after that. Mack with a stunner and then a clothesline. Mack goes for the cover and Moose barely kicks out. Mack climbs up to the top rope. Moose climbs up too. Moose plants Mack onto the mat with a thunderous superplex. Both men are on their feet. Moose with a jackhammer spear, goes for the cover and picks up the win!

Winner: Moose

Backstage: Alisha Edwards is not too excited about her dinner date with Ace Austin. She wants to go and talk to him because she doesn’t feel right about the situation. Austin is sitting on the stairs talking to Reno Scum. They joke about how Austin is going to bang a married woman tonight. Austin says that he is trying to get into Eddie Edward’s head, but he does plan to bang his wife.

Mathews announces that Hard to Kill pay-per-view will take place in Dallas, Texas on January 12th!

Backstage: Madison Rayne, Kiera Hogan and Taya Valkyrie are all trash-talking each other’s fashion sense. They are all mad at each other for losing their six-woman tag team match last week. Jordynne Grace comes up and asks Valkyrie for a Knockouts title opportunity. Valkyrie laughs at her and says there’s no chance, especially tonight.

Michael Elgin vs. Fallah Bahh

Bahh starts it off with a shoulder tackle. Elgin counters with a strong boot to Bahh’s chest. Bahh with four chest chops. Bahh off the ropes with a back screw head drop. Bahh Irish Whips Elgin into the corner. Elgin side steps and goes for a dropkick. Bahh on the apron falls off after a strong kick from Elgin. Elgin shooshes the crowd and then lands several strong chest chops. Bahh reverses with a few chest chops of his own. Elgin with a clothesline on Bahh in the corner. Their match continues after the commercial break.

Back from the break, Elgin smashes Bahh’s head into the top turnbuckle. This fuels Bahh. He begins to chant “Bahh, Bahh.” This momentum doesn’t last long as Elgin goes for a takedown. Bahh’s chest is bruised up with numerous welts from the chest chops earlier. Bahh with a clothesline. Elgin tries to lift Bahh, Bahh counters and sits right on top of him. The referee goes for the cover and Elgin kicks out. Elgin with a forearm, big kick and superkick. Elgin with a high German Suplex. Goes for the cover and Bahh kicks out. Elgin pushes Bahh up on the top rope. Elgin lands Bahh on the mat with a suplex. Bahh gets up right after without any hesitation. Bahh with a backdrop. Goes for the cover on Elgin and he kicks out right away. Bahh climbs up the second rope. Elgin comes up for behind. Bahh is sitting on the top rope. Elgin pushes him off. Elgin with the crossface submission. Bahh taps out. Elgin wins the match.

Winner: Michael Elgin

Backstage: Alisha finds Austin. She tells him they should skip dinner and he should meet her in her hotel room. She slips her hotel card into his front pocket.

oVe make their way into the arena and they are still partying! The gang runs into Tommy Dreamer. Callihan laughs and calls Dreamer fat.

Back from the Moment of the Week, The North is interviewed. They challenge Marufuji and a partner of his choosing to go up against them. To make the stakes higher, they announce that they will be putting their Impact Tag Team titles up on the line.

Joey Ryan vs. Ken Shamrock

Bell rings, Ryan oils himself up and sticks his lollipop in his pants. Ryan puts his hand out for Shamrock to shake. The crowd chants “Shake his hand.” He does. Shamrock pushes Ryan into the ropes and walks away. Both men lock up. Shamrock with an arm drag follows. The fans are split on who they want to win. Half are chanting for “Shamrock,” the others are chanting for “Joey Ryan.” Shamrock with a sunset flip, hooks him into a leg submission. He breaks the hold. Ryan with a dropkick. Shamrock gets up and is impressed. Shamrock puts his hand out and accidentally touches Ryan’s “member.” He gets d**k flipped. Shamrock then counters with an ankle lock. Ryan taps out. Shamrock wins the match!

Winner: Ken Shamrock

In the men’s locker room, oVe carry on the party. Jake Crist puts on Daga’s jacket and dances around in it. Daga is standing behind him. Crist takes off the jacket. Callihan asks if Daga would like a drink. He cracks open a beer and spits in it, then hands it over to Daga. Daga doesn’t take the drink. Callihan and he start going at it. Rich Swann breaks up the fight. oVe leaves the locker room to go party somewhere else.

Madison Rayne vs. Taya Valkyrie (w/ John E. Bravo and her stuffed dog toy)

allis jokes that Rayne got a “strong Greco roman kick in the a**” by Valkyrie. Valkyrie with a kick and a short arm reversal. Valkyrie takes full advantage by rubbing her behind in Rayne’s face in the corner. Valkyrie goes for the cover and Rayne kicks out. Rayne trips Valkyrie face-first into the bottom turnbuckle. Rayne in control with a headlock and several kicks to the midsection. Their match continues right after the break!

Back from the break, Valkyrie gets locked up in an octopus submission. The hold is broken. Valkyrie with a blue thunder bomb. She goes for the cover and Rayne kicks out. Rayne with a rib cord cutter. Bravo tries to distract the referee with the stuffed dog toy. Rayne gets ahold of the stuffed dog toy and throws it into the crowd. Valkyrie goes for Road to Valhalla. Covers Rayne and gets the win!

Winner: Taya Valkyrie

Post-Match: Grace comes down the ramp and lays out Bravo, who is protecting Valkyrie.

Before the Break: Austin makes his way to Alisha’s hotel room!

After the break, Rosemary meets “Suzie.” Suzie also introduces herself to Jessicka Havok. Havok just stares at her. Susie has no recollection of ever having a feud with either of these ladies.

Petey Williams vs. Bhupinder Singh

The match starts with Bhupinder taking down Williams. Singh pushes Williams into the corner. Williams counters with a head sweep. Bhupinder with a strong powerslam. Williams puts Bhupinder in a submission. Bhupinder taps out. Williams wins the match!

Winner: Petey Williams

Post-Match: Bhupinder attacks the referee. Williams comes back in and lands a Canadian Destroyer on Bhupinder.

At the hotel: Alisha invites Austin in. She tells him to make himself comfortable. She hands him a bandana and tells him to put it around his eyes after he undresses. As he lays on the bed half-naked. Eddie Edwards greets him and starts beating him up. He brought Kenny with him. Alisha asks if she can borrow Kenny. She chases Austin out of the room by beating him up with Kenny. Eddie and Alisha make up!

Backstage: Johnny Swinger is talking to Williams after his match and oVe walk past them. Callihan stops to tell Swinger that he looks like “a total mark.” Now, they make their way down to the ring!

After the commercial break, the Callihan victory party will continue!

Callihan did not like the interruption, so, he asks for Jake Crist to announce him and his new title. Callihan says that the fans should stand up and applaud their new Impact World Champion! The fans boo loudly. Callihan says that he told everyone that he was going to walk out the champ. Halfway into his speech, Dreamer makes his way down to the ring. Callihan yells at him to leave. Dreamer calls Callihan a bully and a troll. Dreamer says the ones who are the real draw are the audience and the wrestlers in the back. Callihan asks if he can call him “Mr. Fat Dreamer?” Dreamer says he has some friends and maybe they all should have an extreme celebration match. Swann, Daga and Tessa Blanchard make their way down. This match is official

oVe (Sami Callihan, Dave and Jake Crist & Madman Fulton) vs. Rich Swann, Daga, Tommy Dreamer & Tessa Blanchard

Everyone is fighting! Dave Crist is trying to fight the best that he can, but is too busy holding on to the carrot cake. Blanchard takes a chair and smacks the oVe clan around with it. Dave’s cake is ruined. Dreamer is biting Jake. Madman Fulton comes into the ring and slams Dreamer right down onto the chair. Fulton grabs Daga midair. Daga reverses with a DDT and then a missile dropkick. Swann and Callihan are in the ring. Swann with a tilt-a-whirl head scissors. Blanchard is right behind Callihan. She starts throwing punches. She goes off the top rope and takes out everybody from the outside. Dreamer, Swann and Blanchard work together and slam Fulton onto the mat. Blanchard grabs on to Jake. Callihan from behind takes her down. Swann with a double cut on to Jake and Callihan. Swann pins Callihan and picks up the win!

Winners: Rich Swann, Daga, Tommy Dreamer & Tessa Blanchard

We go to credits.


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