Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Firefly Fun House ‘Let Her In’ Teaser Video a Fake?

Firefly Fun House ‘Let Her In’ Teaser Video a Fake?
As noted earlier, there was a video posted on Twitter that appeared to show a wardrobe sketch for a new character that would be paired with Bray Wyatt.

That video appears to be a fake, as pointed out by founder Kristen Ashly and it looks like someone took over an abandoned account and used that account to spread the video while acting like they are someone who works with or for WWE.

According to a new thread from Ashly, there are a number of inaccuracies with photos and other information posted by the account, as well as the fact that it used to belong to the real Erica Gimbel, who was a Princesses: Long Island reality show star on Bravo. Former co-star and WWE Shop influencer Ashlee White confirmed to Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp that the account is not operated by the real Gimbel, who reportedly now lives in Florida (not Colorado like the profile suggests) and works for a spa. It was also noted that the account was purged of posts before April of this year, but an accounts ‘likes’ will still remain. The last likes on that account were from 2014, which were all related to the Princesses show, which led to the belief that whoever is running the account now just found an abandoned account and started operating it under the guise of a designer with professional ties to WWE.