WWE Reportedly Does Brock Lesnar – Rey Mysterio RAW Angle To Build To Potential Cain Velasquez Match

WWE Reportedly Does Brock Lesnar - Rey Mysterio RAW Angle To Build To Potential Cain Velasquez Match

Paul Heyman‘s promo praising Brock Lesnar on last night’s RAW season premiere was designed to be a part of the build to a potential wrestling match with UFC star Cain Velasquez.

Dave Meltzer noted that Lesnar vs. Velasquez was the idea behind the RAW segment that saw Brock Lesnar destroy Rey Mysterio and his son. The idea was that Lesnar destroyed WWE’s top Mexican Superstar and his son, and that Cain, a legitimate Mexican badass hero, would eventually come to get revenge. While Cain has not signed with WWE, the angle and promo on RAW was done to build to the direction of a match between he and Lesnar. That match may not happen if Cain signs with another promotion, but that is the destination WWE has in mind.

As noted on Monday, WWE is in talks with Velasquez and they want to do a Lesnar vs. Velasquez match. Velasquez previously defeated Lesnar to win the UFC Heavyweight Title at UFC 21 in 2010. Meltzer reported on MMAFighting.com that the key to a contract offer from WWE would be the showdown with Lesnar.

Velasquez has also had talks with AEW, NJPW and AAA. His first two pro wrestling matches were with AAA earlier this summer.

It was also noted by WWE sources that the 37 year old Velasquez would likely undergo knee surgery before he made any long-term commitment to any pro wrestling promotion. Cain has reportedly enjoyed his matches with AAA, where he’s performed as a high-flying luchador, performing acrobatic moves while wearing a mask. WWE sources also noted that the company is not interested in using Velasquez as a high-flyer. WWE would likely want to present Velasquez as a serious fighter, one who can be a legitimate rival to Lesnar.

WWE reportedly wants exclusivity with Velasquez, as they do with other talents. AAA and AEW do have a working relationship, as Velasquez teamed with AEW Executive Vice President Cody Rhodes back in August. Meltzer noted that a potential AEW deal would allow Cain to continue working in Mexico, where he is a huge star due to his UFC fame.

Velasquez remains under contract to UFC for several more fights, but his UFC deal allowed him to do the AAA matches. UFC would not allow Cain to do anything physical for a Pro Wrestling Revolution event coming up this weekend. PWR is the company that helped train Cain.


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