Thursday, October 3, 2019

Some Early Numbers For Last Night's NXT Vs. Dynamite War

Some Early Numbers For Last Night's NXT Vs. Dynamite War
Last night saw the first head-to-head battle between NXT and Dynamite. Full television ratings for both shows will be out this afternoon we will post them when they are available.

There are some early numbers for the shows. Dave Meltzer reported on Wrestling Observer Radio that he had viewership data for both shows on the PlayStation Vue streaming service. While it is a small sample, on that service, AEW Dynamite had three times the amount of viewers of WWE NXT. The demographics for that service definitely appear to lean towards AEW, as Dynamite was the third most watched show of the day on PlayStation Vue.

On Google Trends, AEW had 140,000 searches while NXT under 20,000. It should be noted that Google Trends don't always translate with ratings. AEW's Google Trend numbers were actually 70% of RAW.

For what is worth, the views for our live reports here on the site saw a perfect draw between the two shows. As of this writing, Dynamite prevails with only 20 views more. Yes, TWENTY, not 20k, not 2K or 200, just TWENTY.