Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Ryback Discusses CM Punk Leaning Towards WWE Over AEW

Ryback Discusses CM Punk Leaning Towards WWE Over AEW
On his podcast, Ryback discusses the rumors of CM Punk returning to work for or with WWE once again and ih AEW still has any chance at him.

"It could be, again, playing both sides, why wouldn't you as a businessman if AEW already has an interest in him and the money isn't where he wants it to be to show interest in somebody else that you have no interest in? I don't know, it could be for them to up their offer, or it could be that time heals wounds," said Ryback.

"Again, Sable sued them, Brock sued them. So, people go back all the time. The saying is 'never say never' so it wouldn't be shocking. People have to remember too there is a no bigger game than WWE. You should be able to make the most money over there with the number of eyes that are on that product overall from a world-wide point of view so why wouldn't he want to go back over there for one last run over there? Especially since the last time, it left a sour taste in his mouth with everything that happened last time and he has calmed down a little bit and would want to put a bow on everything so it isn't shocking."

At Starrcast III Punk revealed that he is over what happened between him and WWE years ago and that he would listen if Vince McMahon or Triple H reached out to him.

As for AEW, Punk recently said he received offers through texts from AEW and that that method isn't "a way to do good business." Cody Rhodes fired back that through text wasn't the only way AEW made offers to Punk and that him saying that "made us all look like dumbasses." Rhodes also said the odds of AEW landing Punk are 50/50.