Roman Reigns On Possibly Wrestling The Rock, If Fans Hate Him, If He’s Better Than John Cena

Roman Reigns On Possibly Wrestling The Rock, If Fans Hate Him, If He's Better Than John Cena

Roman Reigns recently went undercover on the internet with GQ Sports. The Big Dog answered questions about himself, which had been posted to Twitter, Reddit and Quora.

Regarding his best match, Reigns recalled the WWE Extreme Rules 2015 Last Man Standing match with Big Show, which saw him get the win after a battle that went almost twenty minutes.

“I’m pretty proud of the majority of them,” Reigns said of his matches. “It’s special because it wasn’t a title match. It wasn’t like this critical stepping stone for me, but I just enjoyed it and I did learn a lot from him. It was with the Big Show. It was a Last Man Standing match and it was in Chicago. It was one of those matches that I think the expectations were low and we just knocked it out of the park. We had Chicago going nuts. We tore that place apart. So that’s one that I think a lot of people wouldn’t think of, that I do hold dearly to me. And it’s cool to be able to be in there with a giant, too.”

Reigns also took a question on another WWE veteran who he has a storied past with – John Cena. He responded to a question that asked who is better, Reigns or Cena.

“I beat him. There’s no need to argue here because I beat him. He’s great. He’s really good, but I beat him,” Reigns said.

One fan question asked why pro wrestling fans hate The Big Dog so much. Reigns said he doesn’t believe wrestling fans actually hate him.

“Hate. That’s a… it’s such a fickle word. I don’t think they hate. I think some wrestling fans like to be negative and they like to exercise those demons,” Reigns said. He continued, “Why not exercise them against a stud like me. I can handle it, I’ve got broad shoulders.”

WWE fans have speculated on a Reigns vs. The Rock dream match for several years now, and Reigns also would like to see it happen. He talked about the potential match and commented on The Great One’s schedule.

“If it’s done right,” Reigns said of the potential match. “I think, obviously with the star that he is, where he is in his career, it would be huge. It would be great. But, you know, we’re family, so it has to make sense. And free the guy up. Can we get him a break? Can he take a day off? If he can get a week off we might be able to make it happen. So… doubtful.”


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