Friday, October 4, 2019

New SmackDown Stage Revealed (Photo), Bray Wyatt Appears on FOX 40

New SmackDown Stage Revealed (Photo), New Bray Wyatt Promo
- As seen in the tweet below from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, the new stage and set for WWE SmackDown on FOX has been revealed.

This confirms that WWE is moving forward with different sets for both RAW and SmackDown. The new blue brand set will be revealed on tonight's SmackDown FOX premiere, which is also the SmackDown 20th Anniversary special.

Remember to join us tonight for live coverage of the big SmackDown FOX premiere, beginning at 7:30pm ET with the blue carpet special.

- In the video below is more footage of Bray Wyatt promoting Sunday's WWE Hell In A Cell pay-per-view on FOX 40 in Sacramento.

As usual, Wyatt was in-character and he talked about how he'd like to be like The Fiend, because "he's brave and tough and mean and strong." Wyatt said that if he was like The Fiend, "everything would be different."

Wyatt noted that he'll be at ringside watching The Fiend facing Seth Rollins at Hell In A Cell this Sunday. When asked if he intended on wrestling as well, Wyatt replied, "Ha ha, no! Never! I don't want to get hurt!"