Tuesday, October 8, 2019

More Troubling News Coming Out of Jeff Hardy’s Recent Arrest

More Troubling News Coming Out of Jeff Hardy’s Recent Arrest
Last Thursday, Jeff Hardy was arrested in Moore County, North Carolina for another DWI. But TMZ reports that there is more troubling news coming out of recent arrest.

According to TMZ, the police report noted that Hardy had a bloody nose when police stopped him and Hardy told officers that it was from an earlier “fight” with his wife.

Hardy was arrested on October 3rd after police received a tip about a careless and reckless driver. Police found the car in front of a liquor store and Hardy was seen walking out of it with a case of beer in hand.

Cops followed closely as he got in his car and drove off and they decided to pull him over when they noticed him weaving in and out of the traffic lane.

The officer who pulled him over noticed “what seemed to be dried blood on his nose” and Hardy responded. “The driver advised that him and his wife got into a fight,” according to the police report. There was nothing else mentioned in the report about a possible domestic violence incident.

The police report adds that Hardy admitted to taking 2 shots of vodka earlier in the night and he admitted to driving while impaired but was uncooperative when he was asked to take a breathalyzer or a blood sample. The officer had to get a search warrant in order to get a blood sample from Hardy, which was done by EMS.

Police told TMZ that they are not investigating for a domestic violence incident but they would look into it if Hardy decided to file a complaint.

This comes after Hardy was arrested for public intoxication and impairment in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina back in mid-July.

According to PWInsider.com, Hardy is expected to appear in court on Thursday, November 7th for the DWI charges. He also had his license revoked for at least 30 days pending his hearing.

Just as WWE did back in July, they released the following statement regarding Hardy's status:

"Jeff Hardy is responsible for his own personal actions."

Hardy has been out of action since April due to a leg injury. He suffered a right knee injury at the April 20th WWE live event in Madison, Wisconsin when The Hardys defeated The Usos. He is expected to appear at the November 3rd Ringside Fest event in New York.