Monday, October 28, 2019

Lana and Rusev Angle Gets Weirder, Lana Says Rusev is Sex Addicted (Video)

Lana and Rusev Angle Gets Weirder, Lana Says Rusev is Sex Addicted
The closing segment for this week’s episode of RAW was a “King’s Court” segment between Rusev and Lana. Jerry Lawler decided to call the segment “Divorce Court” this week because his goal was to see if a divorce is an answer.

Rusev walked out with hope in his eyes and had a smile on his face because he feels Lana’s mind was poisoned so there’s hope for a reconciliation.

Lana said that she didn’t want to air dirty laundry or embarrass Rusev but she constantly has to deal with fans saying mean things about her. Lana said the truth is that her marriage was only about what Rusev wanted and what he wanted was sex all day long and at different locations, in the morning, afternoon, and the evening, in the bedroom, kitchen, arena, backstage at WrestleMania and more! She calls Rusev a sex addict and fans cheer him on.

Lana said Rusev only wanted to put a baby inside her. She said Rusev knew more about her monthly cycle than her and he just wanted to have little rats. Lana said makes money by being ravishing and not being momma Rusev. Then Lana revealed that Rusev cheated on her and Lashley told her. Rusev said that Lashley is “talking sh**” and that’s when Lashley walked out to the ring.

Rusev attacked Lashley at ringside and the fight continued in the ring with Lashley taking Rusev out. Rusev took his ring off and shoved it in Lashley’s mouth. Lana distracted Rusev and slapped him in the face. Lashley nailed Rusev with a low blow and punches and then Lana and Lashley kissed in the ring. You could hear a fan yell, “this is weird!”