Bound for Glory 2019 Results (10/20) – Chicago, IL

Bound for Glory 2019 Results (10/20) - Chicago, IL

We are live from the Odeum Expo Center in Chicago, Illinois, as Eddie Edwards made his way to the ring and the feed from FITE went out! Good start!

Call Your Shot Gauntlet – Winner Received Title Opportunity

The feed returned to show Reno Scum working over Edwards before going out again. It returned as Cousin Jake was fourth out. He cleaned house and nailed Reno Scum with several moves before teaming with Edwards to keeo them at bay.

The fifth man out was Rohit Raju from the Desi Hit Squad.

Sixth out was Joey Ryan, making his in-ring return to Impact after recently appearing on the Las Vegas tapings in vignettes. He was doing his complete character from the independents, daring anyone to touch his well, member. There were a bunch of comedy spots where Ryan hurt anyone who tried to nail an offensive maneuver and came into contact with his little friend. This built into a giant d*** flip spot.

The seventh competitor was Jessicka Havok, who faced off with Joey Ryan and chokeslammed him. She controlled the ring, working over Luster the Legend.

Out next was Rosemary, who nailed an exploder on Thornestowne. She and Havok faced off and battled back and forth. Ryan attempted to intercede, telling them to touch his little friend, so they teamed to nail a double clotheslines.

Raju and Jake were tossed.

The Ninth out was Sawyer Fulton. He nailed a double clothesline on Rosemary and Havok, eliminating them over the top. The crowd booed that. He tossed Thornestowne. Ryan was soon tossed.

The tenth man out was Cody Deaner. He and Fulton began battling. Edwards and Luster the Legend battled.

Next out was Johnny Swinger, in all his 1990s glory. He didn’t get into the ring, instead showing himself off and bragging about himself. Sawyer Fulton dared him to get into the ring.

The 12th competitor is Jordynne Grace. Her power was on full display and got a big chant after hitting a back suplex on Sawyer.

13th was former WWE star Swoggle. He came out from under the ring and chased Swinger into the ring, where he bit him on the rear end. Grace slapped Swinger, allowing Swoggle to nail a back suplex. Swinger was tossed. Swoggle nailed a superkick on Grace.

The 14th competitor was Keira Hogan. She and Grace went right after each other. Swoggle bit her on the butt but Grace kicked him to the mat. She charged Grace, who deadlifted and tossed her.

Next out was Raj Singh. Thornestowne was tossed. Singh nailed Swoggle and went after Edwards.

Number 16 was Tommy Dreamer. He drilled Singh with a series of right hands and a big elbow. Dreamer spewed water into Fulton’s eyes.

Number 17 was Kylie Rae, who got a nice reaction. She tapped Singh on the shoulder and badly nailed a superkick on Rohit, then nailed one on Dreamer. Fulton grabbed her by the throat and choked her in the corner. Edwards attacked Fulton. Dreamer and Swoggle posed but Fulton tossed him over the top to the floor.

Number 18 was Fallah Bah. He went right after Fulton and drilled him backwards into the corner. Bah nailed a big Samoan Drop. He nailed a hip attack in the corner. Swoggle followed up with one of his own. Kylie nailed a cannonball in the corner.

Number 19 was SABU! He brought a chair into the ring and drilled Fulton with it. He nailed Air Sabu off a chair on Bah. He smashed a chair into the face of Edwards. Sabu nailed a big DDT.

The final competitor was “Don’t call me Mahabi” Shera was next. Everyone battled. The last four were Fulton, Bah, Edwards. and Shera. Shera tossed Bah. Shera and Fulton began battling each other. Edwards knocked Fulton over the top, only to see Fulton drag him out and chokeslam him on the apron.

It’s down to Shera vs. Edwards. The winner gets the title opportunity. They had a short back and forth until Eddie nailed the shining wizard and scored the pin.

Winner: Eddie Edwards

– Commentary ran through tonight’s matches and also said Impact World Champion Brian Cage demanded tonight’s match be a No DQ match.

Taya Valkyrie (c) vs. Tenille Dashwood for the Impact Knockouts Championship

Bravo came to the ring with a stuffed animal toy dog on a leash. Mathews noted that Valkyrie entered the match on a 287-day reign as Knockouts Champion. Valkyrie attacked Dashwood while the referee was holding up the title belt and that started the match.

Back and forth action early on. Someone in the crowd has a drum and is getting the chants going with that. Dashwood with a neckbreaker over the second rope, the champ falls out to the floor. Dashwood climbs to the top, but Bravo pulls Valkyrie away from danger. She gets back to the ring, trips Dashwood on the apron and slams her face down on the apron over and over.

Back and forth strikes in the middle of the ring. Fujiwara armbar locked in on Valkyrie, but she rolls through for a pin attempt, only one, Valkyrie up and boots Dashwood. The challenger recovers and hits a flapjack then locks in a tarantula. Dashwood heads to the top rope, crossbody hits, cover, two-count. Dashwood gets dropped in the corner, Valkyrie with running knees in the corner. She puts Dashwood up on the second rope, Dashwood fights back, hits a sunset flip powerbomb, nope, but then she gets a sitdown powerbomb for a two-count.

Both women down, end up rolling to the apron, back and forth strikes. Both trying to pull off a move, but no luck at first, Valkyrie then hits a weak looking package piledriver to the apron. Referee starts up his ten count and she gets back in at nine. Valkyrie tries for a pin, two. Dashwood up to the second rope, but gets yanked off the rope, Dashwood with a low crossbody, hits a second one. Dashwood hits spotlight (single leg kick to the head) and goes for the pin, but Bravo pulls Valkyrie’s leg under the bottom rope. The referee sends him out of the ring. During all of this, Bravo got a chain to Taya. She wraps it around her fist, swings, misses, Dashwood rolls her up, two. Dashwood now has the chain and launches it out to the ramp. Spotlight attempt, misses, road to Valhalla by Taya, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Taya Valkyrie

– A brief Rob Van Dam and Rhino promo aired… A video package set up the tag title match.

“The North” Josh Alexander and Ethan Page vs. Rob Van Dam and Rhino vs. Rich Swann and Willie Mack in a Triple Threat for the Impact Tag Titles

Willie Mack pulling over some big moves early on, lands a 619 on Page. Swann gets tossed by Page, but Rhino tags himself into the match. Rhino gets distracted by Alexander and eats a big boot from Page. Alexander tags in and chops away on Rhino. Page back in there, but Rhino hits a spinebuster and slowly makes his way to RVD. RVD tags in, spinning kick, rolling thunder hits, split-legged moonsault, cover, two.

Swan and Alexander in there now, Alexander with a blue thunder bomb, cover, two. Page tags in and hits a huge back drop on Swann, flipping him all the way around and landing on his face. Swann gets destroyed by The North at first, but hits a DDT on Page, reverse rana on Alexander. Mack tags in, hits a bunch of clotheslines, senton cannonball in the corner on Alexander, kip up, standing moonsault on Page, cover, two-count. Crowd is loving them some Willie Mack.

Swanna tags back in flapjack/bulldog combo, cover, RVD and Rhino break things up, sending both guys out to the floor. RVD with a spinning heel kick on Page. RVD looks for the five star frog splash, Alexander holds his ankle. Mack up to the top rope and hits a frog splash of his own! Swann dives in for the pin, two. RVD still on the top rope this entire time hits a single leg kick to Swann’s face. Alexander hits a death valley driver on RVD, but gets clotheslined out of the ring by Rhino. Mack hits a dropkick on Rhino, sending him out. Mack then hits a flipping senton over the top rope down on three guys.

Swann and Page on the top rope, Page military presses Swann and throws him to the mat! Alexander drops Swann over his knee, Page with a senton, cover, 1-2-no! They look to end things, but Mack gets in there to stop things. Mack and Swann with a swinging neckbreaker combo, cover, broken up by RVD. Rhino looks for the gore and RVD ends up superkicking Rhino right in the face! Crowd boos hard as he looks around. RVD superkicks Mack, spinning heel kick on Swann. RVD barks at Rhino. Back in the ring, The North put down Swann for the win. Crowd booing RVD pretty good for his betrayal.

Winners: The North

– Ace Austin gets out of the shower and didn’t realize he was in the women’s locker room. Alisha Edwards tells him he needs to leave, he flirts a bit, then says he’s just looking to the after-party when he’ll walk in the new Impact X Division Champion.

Michael Elgin vs. Naomichi Marufuji

Fast paced start to this one with Marufuji finally getting Elgin down. Stomps the face a few times, then twists his opponent’s neck with his feet. Elgin catches Marufuji, drops down to the mat, Marufuji out to the floor, suicide dive by Elgin, gets his opponent back in the ring, heads to the top rope, hits a big dropkick, cover, two. Elgin getting the boos in this one, crowd fairly quiet in the early parts of this match. Back and forth chops in the middle of the ring.

Elgin ends up out on the floor, with a flip over the top rope and takes out Elgin. Back in the ring, Marufuji tries to catch Elgin with a sneaky pin. Elgin tries for a release german suplex, Marufuji lands on his feet. Both with big lariats, Marufuji uses some misdirection, lands a superkick, but Elgin with a release german suplex. Elgin with a backbreaker into a falcon arrow, cover, two. Elgin with a knee strike, superkick, but eats an enziguri, both men down. They end up on the apron, Elgin with some strikes, Marufuji slips under for a powerbom to the floor. Elgin tries to drop down on him, nobody home, eats a kick and crumples to the floor. Crowd picking up with a “this is awesome!” chant. Marufuji with sliced bread #2 from the apron down to the floor.

Referee starts a ten-count, Elgin gets in at nine, Marufuji instantly with a springboard missile dropkick, cover, two. Elgin with a dragon suplex, rolling elbow, discus lariat, massive lariat, splash mountain bomb, cover, two. Elgin can’t believe it after that kick-out. Elgin hits a buckle bomb, Marufuji with two knees, kick to the face, knee to the back of the head, and Elgin kicks out. Marufuji hits sliced bread #2, pin, two-count. Elgin with a big forearm, they trade a bunch of chops. Marufuji with multiple kicks and knees, but Elgin lifts and plants Marufuji to the mat. Big lariat, pin, another two-count. Buckle bomb into an Elgin bomb, cover, two! Elgin really can’t believe that one. Big strike to Marufuji’s head, Elgin then gets him in the torture rack position, plants him down on his neck/head, cover, and we finally have a winner.

Winner: Michael Elgin

– Ken Shamrock was shown shadowboxing backstage… A video package focused on the X Division Championship match…

Jake Crist (c) vs. Tessa Blanchard vs. Daga vs. Ace Austin vs. Ace Romero – Ladder Match for Impact X-Division Championship

Craziness all over the place as we get things started. Romero tries for a suicide dive out to the floor, but Daga and Blanchard crack him with a ladder. In the ring, Daga and Blanchard jam Crist into the corner with a ladder. Crist is able to recover and drop Romero, as he climbs the ladder, Austin climbs up and hits a back suplex. Daga back in the ring and hits a flurry of kicks.

In the ring, Austin and Blanchard go at each other. Blanchard hits magnum out of the corner, springboard dropkick sends Austin out to the floor. She climbs up the ladder, but Romero yanks her off and hits a samoan drop. Crowd very much in Tessa’s corner in this one. Daga bridges a ladder from the apron to the ring barricade, then grabs a table and sets it up on the floor on a different side of the ring. Crist with the immediately dropkick on Daga, Crist to the top rope, Austin hits him with a ladder though and shoves it in the corner. Austin goes up, Blanchard swipes at him and goes up, as does Daga. Romero then comes over and it ends up being a rough looking suplex-fest. Austin grabbed the rope though, so he avoided disaster. Austin with a missile dropkick on Romero.

Austin tries for a hurricanrana, but Romero catches and powerbombs him hard on a ladder that was laying in the corner. Romero sets up two ladders and begins climbing to the title. Crist joins him and hits a super cutter on Romero! Blanchard and Daga both start climbing, one ladder gets knocked over, but Austin shoves the other over, sending Daga and Blanchard into the ropes. Daga with a death valley driver on Austin, then hits a canadian destroy on Crist through the ladder that was bridged to the barricade! Austin then climbs a ladder that was in the corner and flips out to the floor on Daga.

Romero sets up another ladder, but it’s not right in the middle. Blanchard then shoves the ladder and Romero goes crashing all the way through a table to the floor! The ladder followed not far behind him either. Blanchard grabs another ladder and hurries to climb to the top. Dave Crist tries to stop her, but she hits a suicide dive before he could even do anything. Fulton comes out and throws her into the corner.

Fulton grabs a table from under the ring, puts it in the ring, Blanchard climbs to the top rope, yells “come on motherf—er!” and ends up giving him a hurricanrana into the ladder. She climbs up the ladder, Crist meets her on the other side of the ladder, she throws Crist down through the table that Fulton just set up. Austin leaps to the ladder with his baton and whacks Blanchard off the ladder! He climbs to the top and grabs the title.

Winner: Ace Austin wins the Impact X Division Championship

– A video feature on Moose vs. Ken Shamrock.

– A clean shaven Moose was interviewed backstage with Frank Trigg standing by. Moose was asked if he’s ready for the fight with Shamrock. Moose mentioned several big name NFL defensive lineman and Bobby Lashley and said they are men he has defeated. Moose also said he was trained by the best. Trigg said he was 100 percent sure that Moose would win the bout. Moose said he would prove to the world why he’s a five star athlete and the best multi sport athlete to grace pro wrestling…

Ken Shamrock vs. Moose

Shamrock gets right in Moose’s face as the bell rings. Back and forth strikes right from the start. Shamrock works Moose down to the mat, looks for an armbar early, but Moose fights it off. Shamrock transitions to an ankle lock, Moose grabs the bottom rope to break the hold. Moose with a back elbow, but Shamrock sends Moose out to the floor. Shamrock with a leap over the top rope and takes down Moose! He about landed on his head, but Moose did a great job adjusting his fall.

Both trade shots out on the floor. Moose charges in for a clothesline, but Shamrock back body drops him down on the ramp. Shamrock locks in a submission on the floor, but the ref is telling him he needs to get in the ring. The two head towards the ring, but Moose sends Shamrock into the ring post. Shamrock is able to get into the ring first then slingshots himself over the top and down on Moose. Trigg then grabs Shamrock’s ankle, referee totally sees it and just moves him aside as Moose chops Shamrock’s leg out from under him.

Referee checking on Shamrock as Trigg goes up and takes off the top turnbuckle pad. Moose punches away on Shamrock and tries to throw him face first into the exposed buckle. Shamrock tries to do the same, but no luck there. Shamrock with a standing hurricanrana, belly-to-belly suplex, ankle lock, Moose grabs the official and yanks him into Shamrock to break it. Referee is down now, Shamrock checks on him. Moose with a cheap shot, Trigg throws a chair in. Moose says Shamrock isn’t the world’s most dangerous man, he is. Moose tries to hit Shamrock in the face with a chair, Shamrock tells him to bring it, Moose swings and misses, Shamrock with another ankle lock. Moose tries to grab the referee again, ref moves this time.

Moose gets the rope for a moment, Shamrock pulls him back to the middle of the ring. Trigg gets in the ring, Shamrock punches him down. Moose with a pump kick. Moose tries for a moonsault off the top rope, nobody home, yet another ankle lock on Moose. He finally whips Shamrock into that exposed top turnbuckle, but he doesn’t end up actually hitting it. Oops. Moose lands a rough looking spear on Shamrock, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Moose

– They officially announced their next PPV would be “Hard to Kill” in January 2020, but did not announce a date or location.

– They aired a good vignette on Sami Callihan, talking about how the company he quit (WWE) failed him and he didn’t fail anyone else. He got emotional talking about how all he wanted was to be the best and to be accepted but things just keep getting out of hand. He said this isn’t the Sami Callihan that he didn’t want the world to see, but it’s the Sami that the world created. He said that people don’t have to cheer or boo him but after he cripples Cage, everyone will have to acknowledge that’s he’s the best. If that’s too real for you, “sorry, but you can go f*** yourself.”

Impact Champion Brian Cage vs. Sami Callihan – NO DQ

Cage came out dressed like Wolverine as Weapon X. They said this was the first time Cage has been 100% healthy in months.

They ignored the ring introductions and began brawling as soon as Cage hit the ring. Callihan spit in his face so Cage bit him in the face. Callihan told him, “F*** you, b**ch” so Cage used a double leg takedown and beat him down. Callihan was busted open in the forehead and drilled him with a big boot.

Cage grabbed the Weapon X Wolverine claw that he wore as a prop and raked it over Callihan’s forehead. They went to the floor and as they returned to the ring, Callihan knocked him off the apron and nailed a dive to the floor. Cage drove Callihan down but was hit with another Callihan dive. He tossed Cage in but Cage popped up and nailed a tope con hilo to the floor. Cage smashed him into the apron. Cage, who’s lip was now busted upon, used a chair. Callihan grabbed it and smashed him with the chair. Sami argued with the referee on the floor. Cage battled back and powerbombed him into the ring post. They are beating the crap out of each other.

Cage sent up several chairs near the ring steps but Callihan charged and dove off the stairs, drilling Cage into the barricade. Cage grabbed Callihan and slammed him into the timekeeper’s table. It didn’t even budge so he nailed a back suplex on it and it bent but didn’t break. Cage bridged a piece of guard rail across the top of the ring steps. He set up a powerbomb but Callihan used a testicular claw and nailed a piledriver on the guard rail. Callihan began beating the hell out of him with the chair.

Callihan brought Cage back into the ring. Callihan nailed a running kick to the face. Callihan followed up with additional kicks to the head. He charged but Cage popped up and slammed him into the buckles and nailed a series of strikes and hit a superplex out of the corner. They continue going back and forth just trashing each other. Callihan caught him with a big lariat for a two count. He scored several additional near falls. Cage came a comeback and brought the bent up piece of guard rail into the ring.

They battled back to the ropes, where Callihan bit Cage’s ear as they were on the top. Callihan attempted a sunset flip powerbomb off the top but Cage held on. Callihan lowblowed him and hit a powerbomb on the gyuard rail for a close two count. Callihan went under the ring and poured out a sack full of thumb tacks across the mat. He nailed a piledriver on the tacks but Cage kicked out at the one count. Cage fired up and nailed a powerbomb and a Drill Claw on the tacks for the pin.

Winner and still Impact Champion: Brian Cage

Cage celebrated with his wife Melissa Santos as they went off the air.


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