Tuesday, September 24, 2019

WWE to "Rename" Smackdown For Its Debut on FOX

WWE to "Rename" Smackdown For Its Debut on FOX
Over the years, WWE's SmackDown program has been through many names. Most recently, it has been called SmackDown Live.

Along with a logo change, WWE is preparing for another new name for the show for its debut on FOX.

According to PWInsider, the new title for the blue brand will be called "WWE Friday Night SmackDown." This will be what the show will be called when commentary talks about it, as well as all marketing and promotion for it in and out of WWE.

Once on Tuesdays on the USA Network, SmackDown will be moving to FOX on Friday, October 4. The new deal WWE made is a five-year agreement worth more than $1 billion, $205 million annually.