WWE 205 Live Results – September 3, 2019

WWE 205 Live Results - September 3, 2019

We start off with a look at the aftermath of Smackdown and what Erick Rowan did to Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan.

Roman sees Daniel on what was left of the announce table. Roman heads to the back while Daniel is still down on the floor.

We see Drake Maverick with Lince Dorado and Hunberto Carrillo and Drake makes their match official. Drake says Dorado has mentioned his lack of title shots. Lince says he has never had a title shot in his time on 205 Live. Drake says he wonders what would have happened if Lince had the opportunities that Humberto has. Humberto says he earned his shot and Drake says he will not take that from Humberto. Drake tells Lince if he wins, he will be added to the title match at Clash of Champions.

We are in Norfolk, Virginia and your announcers are Aiden English, Nigel McGuinness, and Vid Joseph.

Tony Nese versus Mike Kanellis

They lock up and Nese with a waist lock and Kanellis gets to the ropes. Kanellis with forearms and chops. Nese with a chop but Kanellis with a head butt. Mike with an Irish whip but Nese with a back elbow and he flips over Kanellis. Nese with knees and kicks followed by a leg sweep for a near fall. Kanellis goes to the floor and Nese with a cartwheel over Kanellis and Nese with a punch. Kanellis runs Nese into the ringside barrier and Kanellis with a DDT on the ramp. Nese is able to get back into the ring before the ten count but Kanellis with a Death Valley Driver for a near fall.

We see Maria in a room with a monitor.

Kanellis with a snap mare and rear chin lock. Nese trips Kanellis and goes to the floor. Nese goes for a double jump moonsault but Kanellis moves and Nese lands on his feet. Kanellis back drops Nese over the top rope to the floor. Kanellis sends Nese into the ringside barrier. Kanellis puts Nese on the ringside barrier and Kanellis with a running boot off the apron. Kanellis gets a near fall. Kanellis with a rear chin lock. Nese backs Kanellis into the turnbuckles. Kanellis with a hard Irish whip. Kanellis gets Nese on his shoulders and Nese gets back to his feet and he hits a German suplex into the turnbuckles.

Nese with a facebuster and running knee to the head and a spinning heel kick. Nese with a running back elbow into the corner but Kanellis sends Nese to the apron. Nese with an enzuigiri and a double jump moonsault for a near fall. Nese tries to get Kanellis up but Kanellis with forearms to the back. Nese blocks a kick and goes for a waist lock. Nese with an O’Connor Roll for a near fall. Nese with an inside cradle for a near fall. Kanellis with a spinebuster for a near fall. Kanellis with an elbow in the corner.

Kanellis gets Nese on his shoulders for a backpack stunner but Nese with forearms. Nese leaps over Kanellis and Nese runs into a boot. Kanellis goes to the turnbuckles and Nese with a running uppercut. Nese with a Frankensteiner for a near fall. Nese goes for a pump handle move but Kanellis escapes and hits a clothesline. Kanellis with a head butt and kick. Kanellis tells Nese to hit him and Nese obliges. Kanellis with a boot to the head. Nese with a running forearm. Kanellis is sent to the apron and Nese with a leg sweep to send Kanellis to the floor. Nese with a Fosbury Flop and Nese goes up topand hits the 450 splash for a near fall. Nese with a forearm and he sets for the Sunset Driver but Kanellis rolls through.

Nese with a kick and Kanellis with a super kick and swinging reverse neck breaker for the three count.

Winner: Mike Kanellis

Ariya Daivari shows up and wishes Lince Dorado luck in his match. Dorado wants to get ready for his match. Daivari expects a thank you. Daivari says if he didn’t take care of Metalik or beat Kalisto, you wouldn’t have your chance tonight. Dorado says Daivari is right that he has what it takes to be champion. Dorado says his hermanos don’t want to talk to him any more. Dordao calls Daivari a leech. Dorado says he will win tonight and he will win the title at Clash of Champions. Then he will call Metalik and Kalisto and apologize for Daivari’s actions to split them up.

We go to commercial.

We are back with Samir and Sunil Singh. Samir says they are making major ground in their studies. Sunil says everything went wrong when Brian Kendrick and Akira Tozawa stuck their noses in their business.

Akira Tozawa and Brian Kendrick versus Brandon Scott and Tyler Hastings

Kendrick and Scott start things off and Kendrick with a forearm and side head lock. Tozawa tags in and he kicks Scott. They hit a double hip toss and Kendrick with an elbow drop and Tozawa with a back senton. Tozawa with chops and he getos Scott to flinch so Tozawa with a jab. Kendrick tags in and they hit a double Japanese arm drag followed by a double kick. Hastings tag in and Kendrick with an arm drag into an arm bar. Scott kicks Kendrick when the referee is out of position. Tozawa tags in and hits a missile drop kick. Tozawa with a back heel kick and a round kick. Kendrick tags in and they Irish whip Scott and Tozawa with a forearm and they hit a flatliner and kick combination for the three count.

Winners: Brian Kendrick and Akira Tozawa

After the match, Kendrick says another week and another Jack Gallagher no show and he is not surprised. Brian says he talked to Drake Maverick and you will have a chance to wrestle next week at Madison Square Garden in a tag match against him and Akira Tozawa against you and a partner of your choosing.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Oney Lorcan is asked about wanting to face Drew Gulak but he sees Tony Nese in a bad mood. Oney goes over to tell Tony he has been there. Tony attacks Oney and sends him into the wall and a production case. Officials show up to separete Tony and Oney.

Lince Dorado versus Humberto Carrillo in an If Lince Wins, He is Added to the Cruiserweight Title Match at Clash Of Champions Match

They lock up and Dorado with a waist lock. Carrillo with a hammer lock and Dorado with a flying mare. Carrillo with an take down into an ankle lock. Humberto with a bow and arrow but Lince with a lateral press to escape. They lock up and Humberto with a waist lock and take down. Dorado with an arm drag but Carrillo with a cartwheel. Dorado lands on his feet when Carrillo tries to send him to the mat. Carrillo with a sunset flip but Dorado rolls through and gets a near fall with a jackknife cover. Humberto misses a short arm clothesline and Dorado with a head scissors but Carrillo lands on his feet.

Humberto and Lince have some words and then they exchange chops. Carrillo with a springboard arm drag and then Dorado sends Humberto to the apron. Carrillo with a slingshot arm drag aand head scissors. Humberto with forearms and Dorado leaps over a baseball slide and Dorado with a suicide dive into a DDT on the floor. Dorado sends Humberto into the ring and Dorado with a splash for a near fall. Dorado with kicks to the back followed by a standing moonsault for a near fall.

Dorado with a reverse chin lock. Dorado with elbows and he returns to the reverse chin lock. Humberto with punches and Dorado with a kick and spinning heel kick. Dorado goes up top and hits a frog splash for a near fall. Dorado with a camel clutch. Carrillo escapes but he runs into a boot. Dorado runs Carrillo into the turnbuckles and chops Humberto. Carrillo blocks a superplex and he forearms Dorado off the turnbuckles but Dorado lands on his feet. Carrillo with a missile drop kick to Dorado. Dorado misses a splash into the corner and Carrillo with a clothesline and baseball slide. Carrillo with a standing moonsault for a near fall.

Carrillo with a handspring Japanese arm drag followed by a twisting plancha. Carrillo goes up top for a moonsault and hits it for a near fall. Dorado lands on his feet on a belly-to-back suplex attempt. Dorado with a series of kicks. Dorado with an arm drag and a springboard reverse rana for a near fall. Dorado goes to the turnbuckles for a shooting star press but Carrillo grabs the leg. Dorado with forearms and chops. Carrillo with a sit out power bomb for a near fall.

Carrillo with a forearm and Dorado fires back. They go back and forth. Dorado gets the advantage and he chops Humberto. Humberto with chops and Dorado with a kick. Carrillo with a series of kicks and a forearm. Carrillo with a boot to the head. Humberto with a jumping enzuigiri. Dorado with a gutbuster from a fireman’s carry position. Dorado goes up top and hits the shooting star press but he cannot capitalize. They go to the floor and then they return to the ring. Carrillo with an inside cradle for a near fall. Dorado with a rana for the three count.

Winner: Lince Dorado

After the match, Drew Gulak attacks Lince Dorado on the ramp. Drew with a forearm to Dorado. Tony Nese comes out and attacks Carrillo.

Nese and Gulak give each other that look and they are working together. Dorado and Gulak exchange punches after a drop kick from Dorado. Gulak sends Dorado into the turnbuckles. Gulak lets Nese do the honors and Nese with a running knee to Dorado. Gulak with a Cyclone Crash to Humberto.

We go to credits.


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