Tuesday, September 10, 2019

RAW Viewership Drops Against NFL Competition

RAW Viewership Drops Against NFL Competition
Last night's RAW episode, featuring the return of Stone Cold Steve Austin, did not help drive up the ratings.

The show drew an average of 2,130,000 viewers. That is way down from last week’s 2,507,000 viewers.

WWE faced heavy competition from Monday Night Football but they hoped it wouldn’t drop so much because of the return of Steve Austin. Austin was part of the contract signing in the first segment and there were no hints that he would be back at the end to close out the show. The final hour drew just 1,845,000 viewers.

For comparison, the 7 pm NFL game on ESPN drew 13,078,000 viewers and the late game drew 10,619,000 viewers.

Here is the hourly breakdown for this week’s Raw:

8 pm – 2,362,000 viewers
9 pm – 2,183,000 viewers
10 pm – 1,845,000 viewers

As you can see, there was a big drop for the third hour.

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