Thursday, September 26, 2019

Mandy Rose On Her WWE Goals, Talks Sonya Deville Bond, Non-WWE Plans, More

Mandy Rose On Her WWE Goals, Talks Sonya Deville Bond, Non-WWE Plans, More
Mandy Rose spoke with Sports Illustrated and revealed her goals for the character - to add layers to her on-screen persona, and a WWE Women's Tag Team Titles reign with Sonya Deville.

"This past year, I was able to show off the seductive side of my character, but that was only the beginning," Rose said. "Down the road, another goal is to be the SmackDown women's champion. And Sonya Deville and I will keep working until we win the tag team titles. We have really good chemistry, work so well together, and we're going to keep building our characters until we get those titles. Those are big goals, but they're attainable."

Rose also discussed her friendship with Deville and said the highlight of her life is spending time on the road together. She also noted how working with Deville has allowed her the chance to give a voice to WWE's LGBTQ fans.

"Our bond was created the day we met on Tough Enough, and it's even stronger now," Rose said of Deville. "We're best friends, we're inseparable. We lived together when we were in NXT, and then we were called up together. It's been an amazing journey, and it's been so nice that we've been able to do it together. It's a true friendship."

She continued, "Sonya has opened up a huge light for me. Now that we travel so much together around the world, she's helped me open up and be so involved in the LGBTQ community. I want to show my support for GLAAD, and I'm so happy to be a part of it."

We noted before how Rose and Deville recently expanded their "DaMandyz Donutz" brand online. They also created their own health-conscious doughnut, which is available on the website. Rose spoke with SI about her fitness app, Fit wit Mandy, and her new skin care line, Amarose.

"I want to make sure I have plans for post-WWE, which is a long time from now but it's still good to be prepared," Rose said. "Fitness is my first love. I've been developing this over the past year, and it's a bunch of my favorite workout exercises. The design is set up for all different skill levels for all different ages. It's an at-home program. I'm always on the road traveling, so it's designed for people who can't get to the gym but still want to work out.

"And the skin care line, Amarose, is launching soon. There will be four different products—a lifting eye gel, lifting serum, a beauty boost cleanser and a boosting moisturizer. I've always wanted to get involved in beauty and skincare, and I'm so grateful that I'm able to because of hard work and determination."