Kenny Omega Bringing Back “The Cleaner” Gimmick?

Kenny Omega Bringing Back "The Cleaner" Gimmick?

Over the past couple episodes of Being the Elite, Kenny Omega has begun to act really strange as he looks to get back to the winning side of things in the ring.

In the latest episode, Matt Jackson calls Omega and leaves a message on his voicemail.

“Hey Kenny. Listen. I’m worried about you, man. Nick’s worried about you. I know thing have been tough lately. Just wanted to let you know that we’re here for you. It just seems like you’ve been completely absent lately. You don’t pick up the phone. You just make these strange videos online. And listen, I realize we’re all coming off a loss and we’re all handling it and dealing with it differently.

“I know how weird things are, the narrative online has changed. But I just wanted to remind you that this whole thing started with us. This whole thing started with the three of us. The Elite. This movement. They’re calling it a revolution now. And I just miss that guy we started this all with. I miss, I miss all the adventures we went on with you, Kenny. I miss the Kenny who we seconded down to the ring during all those big matches with Okada. I miss the Kenny with the killer instinct.

“Someone told us recently, that Nick and I lost our killer instinct, too. But I’m ready to find it again. And in D.C., we start this new adventure. We start our big television show. We start Dynamite on TNT. And Kenny we need you. We’re in a fight that night that we don’t even know what we’re getting into. We don’t even know who we’re wrestling. What I’m trying to say is we need the old Kenny. We need that Kenny. Kenny, we need…we need ‘The Cleaner.'”

With dramatic music playing, cameras cut to Kenny looking at his phone and then over at his old sunglasses that he wore as “The Cleaner.” He picks them up and then tosses them in the trash.


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