Friday, September 27, 2019

Impact Wrestling Results - September 27, 2019

Impact Wrestling Results - September 27, 2019
Don Callis and Josh Mathews welcome fans to the show. Both men are dressed up in tuxedos for Brian Cage and Melissa Santo's wedding, which will happen later on in the episode.

The camera panels back to the ring and LAX's music plays. Two guys come out dressed exactly like LAX. It's The North. They make their way to the ring, mimicking the former tag team who wrestled their final match for Impact last week.

Ethan Page picks up a microphone and asks the fans if they were really expecting LAX to be in Las Vegas tonight. The fans cheer. Page laughs at them and says that it's too bad because the "losers" are gone. Josh Alexander tells Konnan in the back that LAX is beneath them and that they are and will be the longest reigning tag team champions in Impact history. Page says he is sick and tired of the fans sending out emails and tweets asking when LAX is coming back. He wants fans to know that they will never come back. LAX's music plays again and Konnan makes his way down to the ring.

Page asks Konnan how it feels to be standing in the ring with the greatest tag team? Konnan proceeds to call them "bit---s." After that, he tells them he has a surprise for The North. He has two opponents that he knows can kick their a--ess. Out comes Rob Van Dam and Rhino. After the break, the tag team match begins.

The North vs. Rob Van Dam and Rhino (w/Konnan)

Back from the break, Van Dam with a Rolling Thunder onto Alexander. He goes for the cover and Alexander kicks out. Van Dam tags in Rhino. Alexander lands several kicks and hits. He goes over to tag in Page. Rhino goes for a clothesline, Page falls to the mat. Rhino goes over and tags in Van Dam. Van Dam with several jabs and kicks. Page reverses with a kick to the side of Van Dam's face. Alexander holds Van Dam on the ropes, a rope break proceeds. Page on the outside goes over and hits Van Dam. Alexander tags in Page. Page puts Van Dam in the corner and plants a few kicks. Van Dam gets out and runs over to tag in Rhino. Rhino Irish Whips Alexander twice. He then goes for a belly-to-belly. Goes for the cover and Alexander kicks out. Page and Van Dam exchange back and forth hits. Van Dam clotheslines Page to the outside. Alexander grabs one of the tag titles and is about to use it before Konnan stops him. Rhino goes for Gore and Van Dam follows it up with a Five Star Frog Splash. They go for the cover, and get the victory!

Winners: Rob Van Dam and Rhino

Backstage: Gama Singh is not pleased with The Desi Hit Squad's lack of performance in the ring. He states that he had to go back to India to get Mahabali Shera to help motivate the group. He tells them all that they better start picking up the slack and work harder if they want him to keep supporting them.

Back from the break, Impact correspondent Gabby Loren greets several members of the roaster before the big wedding event. Several of the people that she talks to include Eddie Edwards, Gail Kim, and Johnny Swinger.

Back to the action. Gama Singh is in the ring calling for Mahabali Shera to make his way down to the ring. A one-on-one matchup is about to start.

Mahabali Shera vs. Cousin Jake (w/ Cody Deaner)

Bell rings, Shera takes over the match right away. Jake pushes Shera into the ropes and lands a few side hits. Jake runs across the ring and plants a spear on Shera. Shera counters with a Sky High, followed by a front slam. Shera goes for the cover and picks up the win!

Winner: Mahabali Shera

Post-Match: Cody Deaner comes into the ring and tries to fight Shera. The rest of The Desi Hit Squad comes into the ring and beats him down. All the members of The Desi Hit Squad stand tall after.

Loren interviews TJP and Fallah Bahh. TJP is upset that Bahh isn't dressed in his nicest attire for the wedding. Bahh says that TJP told him to dress comfortable. They both leave the interview discussing Bahh's attire issue.

Up next, a singles Knockouts match.

Madison Rayne vs. Tenille Dashwood

The match begins in a lockup. Rayne reverses it and puts Dashwood in a wrist lock. Dashwood gets out of it and takes Rayne down on the mat. Rayne gets out of it and tries to crawl out of the ring. Dashwood stands in the middle of the ring unamused. Rayne follows it up with a clothesline. Dashwood comes back with a running dropkick. Rayne gets out of the ring and says bye to everyone. Dashwood drags her back to the ring. Dashwood on the apron lands a sidekick. She goes for the cover and Rayne kicks out. Rayne has Dashwood up on the second ropes and lands a backstabber. Goes for the cover and Dashwood kicks out. Rayne goes for a slide and again for a cover, Dashwood kicks out. Dashwood stacks her up with a schoolgirl pin, Rayne kicks out. Rayne yells out to a specific lady in the audience while holding Dashwood in a headlock. She yells "shut up old lady." The fans in the audience begin to chant "old lady." Dashwood gets out of it. Dashwood with several sidearms. She follows it up with a clothesline. Goes for the cover, Rayne kicks out. Rayne then goes for a bridge pin and Dashwood kicks out. Rayne yells out at Dashwood that "this isn't her company, or her division." Dashwood gets up and plants her signature move, Spotlight (running enzuigiri). She goes for the cover and gets the win!

Winners: Tenille Dashwood

Back to the wedding coverage, Loren interviews Van Dam and his girlfriend and asks if they are the next couple to get married. They both giggle. Rich Swann and Willie Mack come over and start talking business with Van Dam.

Back from the break, Ken Shamrock makes his way down to the ring. The fans go nuts! Shamrocks begins by saying one of the greatest memories he has from Impact was when he won the Impact World Championship. He's glad to be back. He thanks the fans for their support. Next, he addresses the elephant in the room, which is Moose, and all the smack talk he's been saying these past couple of weeks. He thinks he's a 6'4" man that is full of "s--t." He is waiting to put Moose in his grave. He then calls Moose out to fight him right then and there. On the titron, Moose is at Shamrock's dojo training center taking out several men who are just practicing there. He says that he isn't afraid of him and that he is going to kick his "f--king a--."

Backstage: Taya Valkyrie finds Rosemary and begs her to get rid of Dashwood so she doesn't have to face her at Bound For Glory. Rosemary calls Valkyrie a coward and refuses to do her dirty work. Her respect for Valkyrie is gone.

After, Mathews recaps the current lineup for Bound For Glory on October 20th. Next, is the Impact Plus Moment of the Week and it's when ODB gets married.

After the Impact Plus Moment of the Week, Loren announces that most of the guests have arrived. Like a bat out of hell, oVe break open the doors and announce their arrival. Security comes over and Callihan says that they're just there to drop off a present since Jake Crist has a match tonight. They leave and Callihan screams out that this is bullcrap that they weren't invited.

Tommy Dreamer and Swann speak with Cage before the wedding. Dreamer gives some words of encouragement before the big moment. Swann reminds him that he will be married to only one woman for the rest of his life. Dreamer shuts that statement down. At the bridal party, Valkyrie, Rayne, Alisha Edwards, and Kiera Hogan are all getting ready as well. Rayne tells the ladies to take notes on how to walk down the aisle properly. They all begin to bicker.

Next, is the first qualification match for the X-Division Championship at BFG in a ladder match.

Dave Crist (w/Jake Crist and Madman Fulton) vs. Tessa Blanchard

Blanchard goes right for the attack at the beginning of the match. On the outside, Fulton tries to beat up Blanchard. The referee is not feeling it and tells Fulton to leave the ring. Now, Dave goes right for Blanchard's eyes. He backs her in the corner and swings a few shots towards the back of Blanchard's head. Jake Crist from the outside attacks her while the referee isn't looking. Blanchard slowly climbs to her feet and defends herself with a few swings. She continues unloading a few hits and a sidekick from the apron. She's on the top rope, tries to land a magnum, it reverses and instead it turns into a sunset flip. Dave kicks out. Blanchard goes for a buzzsaw DDT. She goes for the cover and wins!

Winner: Tessa Blanchard

Post-Match: Jake and Fulton come into the ring and attack her.

At the wedding, Ace Austin comes over and talks to Alisha. He asks her where Eddie is. She isn't sure. So, he decides to take it upon himself to walk Alisha down the aisle, since she is one of the bridesmaids and he is one of the groomsmen.

The wedding is just minutes away, and everyone is getting prepared. The Rascalz can't stop coughing after all the smoke they inhaled beforehand. Havok goes and finds her seat along with The Deaners, Rosemary, and The Desi Hit Squad. Rohit Raju is crying. All the bridesmaids and groomsmen begin walking down the aisle.

Now, Santos makes her way down the aisle with Dreamer. Valkyrie interrupts the ceremony. Page also interrupts. He says that he thinks that Impact is treating their wrestlers poorly. He says he is going to form a union. Eddie Edwards comes in drunk as a skunk and throws up on the officiant who is marrying Santos and Cage. He then hits him afterwards. Dreamer asks if someone can officiate the wedding. Who walks in but Father James Mitchell. Mitchell takes over officiating the wedding.

Santos and Cage officially become Mr. and Mrs. Brian Cage. Melissa announces that after the break, everyone who wants to attend the reception should come down to the ring. What could possibly go wrong?

We are back, and now its time for the reception! All the invited guests (Impact roaster) are all standing around the ring. Melissa and Brian make their way down to the ring. They have their first dance once they make their way into the ring. Everyone is cheering them on and celebrating. All of a sudden, Sami Callihan makes his way down to the ring singing such a beautiful song to the new couple. He asks who wants to party with "The Death Machine." He makes his way into the ring and says that he is not there to fight Cage. He's just happy for them. He says his feelings are hurt that he wasn't invited to the wedding. He bought them a bottle of champagne, but decided to drink it all after being told he wasn't allowed to be there. He goes on to say that he wants to beat "The Machine" at BFG. He is about to make a toast. He wishes them a beautiful marriage, children, and a healthy life. He says this is his toast to the bride and "the b--ch." Accidentally, he knocks swings the bottle and it lands right on the side of Melissa's head. Everyone goes in to check on her. This concludes this week's episode!