Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Chris Jericho’s AEW World Championship Has Been Found, Case Closed

Chris Jericho’s AEW World Championship Has Been Found?
As noted, Chris Jericho allegedly had his AEW World Title Belt stolen on Sunday just hours after winning the title at AEW All Out.

The story took a strange turn today after the Tallahassee Police Department announced on Facebook that the title belt had been found. They then deleted that post and now are saying that the investigation remains "open and active."

Officer Damon Miller, a spokesman for the Tallahassee Police Department, sounded surprised when a reporter for asked about the Facebook post.

"Still an open and active investigation," Miller said. "The case has not been closed yet."

Kristin Colville, a spokeswoman for Longhorn, said she didn't have details on the alleged theft.

"I know TPD is investigating," Colville said to

The original post that was deleted featured a TPD officer holding the title. The caption said, "Chris Jericho we have something that belongs to you. Celebrate with #ALittleBitOfTheBubbly. (responsibly of course)! More information to follow. #foundit #championshipbelt"

AEW then posted a screenshot of the now-deleted TPD Facebook photo this afternoon and thanked them.