WWE Smackdown Results – August 13, 2019

WWE Smackdown Results - August 13, 2019

The post-SummerSlam edition of SmackDown opens live from the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, Ontario, Canada as Tom Phillips welcomes us. He’s joined by Corey Graves and Byron Saxton.

– We go right to the ring and out comes Kevin Owens to a HUGE pop. Greg Hamilton does the introduction.

Kevin says yesterday was the five year anniversary of when he signed his WWE contract. Over those five years he has created memories that he will never forget. He stepped in the ring with people he looked up to when he got in the ring. Last Sunday night, he stepped in the ring with someone who calls himself the Best in the World. That is as far as reality can be, but it will be a night he will never forget for a number of reasons. Kevin says his family was at ringside and they got to share that experience with him. His family got to be in a sold out arena wanting to see him kick Shane McMahon’s ass. That is what happened. Shane’s ass wasn’t the only thing that he kicked. Kevin says what he will remember most is hitting Shane with that stunner in the middle of the ring. Because of you, he will remember that moment for the rest of his life.

Kevin says he is setting his sights on something else and that is the King of the Ring Tournament. Kevin says he has been a WWE fan his entire life and King of the Ring was one of the things he loved watching while growing up. Kevin says he is looking forward to being in the tournament. Winning will mean as much as winning any title. Who wouldn’t want their name along side legends like Steve Austin, Kurt Angle, Edge, Bret Hart, Owen Hart, and so many more.

Shane McMahon interrupts and Kevin falls to his knees in disgust.

Shane says this is quite a moment to celebrate his tainted victory and how he is moving forward to be part of King of the Ring. Shane says he has some footage to prove his point of what a lowlife Kevin is. We see photos of Kevin kicking Shane in the upper thigh. Is that what you call ‘competition’? We were supposed to go toe to toe. Is that what makes you a man?

Kevin says if he wants to be lectured about being a man, it won’t be by someone who was part of the Mean Street Posse. Kevin says being a man is doing what it takes to win when your job is on the line. Being a man is standing up for what you believe in. Being a man is shutting up your stupid face.

Shane says Kevin is not a man. He says Kevin is a lowlife, and he will always be known as a cheater. You will have to go through your life living like that. Shane says he is upset because you should be in an unemployment line instead of in front of him in the ring. Shane says it makes him want to come to the ring to beat the crap out of Kevin.

Kevin says he has his fighting boots on.

Shane says he is holding himself back because he does not want to get himself dirty. He says Kevin will be fighting later tonight. Shane shows us what Kevin did to Elias on Sunday night.

Shane says Elias is so traumatized he gave Elias the night off and the 24/7 Title is suspended tonight. Shane tells Kevin he wants him to remember he hit Elias with malice while wearing a referee’s jersey. Shane says that we have to protect our officials and you cannot go after an official. In order to ensure that everyone is safe, especially the officials, there are going to be repercussions. In US Dollars, you will be fined One Hundred Thousand.

Kevin says that might be nothing to Shane, but it is his kid’s college and a down payment for a house. If you are the man you say you are, you will reconsider this because it is crap. Shane tells Kevin nope and leaves. Kevin goes to the back and he’s not happy.

Charlotte Flair and Ember Moon walk in the back in split screen as we go to commercial.


Back from the break and Kevin Owens confronts Shane McMahon backstage in his office. Shane says he’s here as an official, not a competitor, and he will fine and sue Owens for everything he has if he lays a hand on him. Shane says he won’t change his mind on the fine. Owens says let’s make it $105,000… he picks up a stool and slams it through Shane’s TV. Owens walks off as Shane smirks.

Ember Moon vs. Charlotte Flair

We go to the ring and Charlotte Flair is wrapping up her entrance as Ember Moon looks on.

They lock up and go at it. Flair takes Moon down first and gets the upperhand to start. Flair grounds Moon. Moon tries to fight up and out. Flair rocks her with a shoulder but Moon is still standing. Moon blocks an attempt but Flair drops her to the mat with a back elbow. Flair shows off and poses to a mixed reaction. Moon tries to take advantage and they tangle. Moon with a big head scissors and a dropkick.

Moon keeps fighting and sends Flair to the floor for a breather. Flair talks some trash at ringside as fans do dueling chants for her. Flair stalls and taunts Moon some, then goes back to playing to the crowd for boos. Moon tries to attack but Flair takes her down from the apron. Moon comes right back and dropkicks Flair, sending her from the apron back to the floor. Moon runs into the corner, jumps up and leaps out of the ring, taking Flair down on the floor with a splash. Moon brings it back into the ring and covers for a 2 count.

Flair goes back out and Moon follows. Flair attacks and sends her into the barrier a few times. Flair sends Moon back down and we go to commercial with Flair standing tall.

Back from the break and Flair remains in control. Flair brings it back into the ring and focuses on the left leg. Moon avoids a Figure Four submission but Flair keeps stomping while she’s down. Flair with a Boston Crab now. Moon finally gets the bottom rope and the hold is broken, but Flair immediately goes right back to work on her, focusing on the leg as Moon screams out in pain.

More back and forth now. Moon avoids a knee to the head and responds with a kick to the face. Flair unloads with strikes but Moon nails a big dropkick on a bad leg. Moon with more quick kicks and knees. Moon drops Flair with a big right hand as fans cheer her on. Moon with another kick for a 2 count. Moon scoops Flair but her leg gives her trouble and Flair slides out. Moon comes back and drops Flair’s face into knees. Flair still kicks out at 2.

Moon goes to the top for the Eclipse but Flair cuts her off and brings her down. Flair charges but runs into the corner as Moon moves. Moon covers for a close 2 count. Moon keeps fighting with more offense but Flair still kicks out. Moon and Flair trade strikes in the middle of the ring now. Flair levels Moon with a big boot to the face. Flair applies the Figure Four and then bridges into the Figure Eight for the submission win.

Winner: Charlotte Flair

– Still to come, Roman Reigns vs. Buddy Murphy. Up next, a look at what has been happening to Reigns as of late.

– We see Rowan and Daniel Bryan walking backstage. Back to commercial.

– We are back with a look at the troubles that have befallen Roman Reigns in recent weeks.

In the Arena:

Daniel Bryan and Rowan make their way to the stage.

Bryan says there’s no question that someone is out to get Roman Reigns but they had nothing to do with either of the attack attempts, despite Buddy Murphy falsely accusing Rowan, and accusing Bryan by association. Bryan says they had nothing to do with it and Murphy is a liar. Bryan says he does not blame Murphy because all of the fans would also cave if Reigns had their face pressed against the wall. Bryan says he does not blame Murphy. Bryan says Murphy had to give up a name but the problem is, he gave up the wrong name. Fans chant “it was you!” now.

Bryan start yelling at them for thinking he and Rowan did it. A “yes!” chant breaks out now. Bryan says that’s what is wrong with all of the fans, and what’s wrong with society – someone tells a lie, it gets spread on social media and then it becomes the truth. Bryan hates to disappoint but he and Rowan had nothing to do with the incidents, and tonight they will prove it. Bryan drops the mic and they head to the back.


Sarah Schreiber approaches Shane McMahon backstage and asks him about Kevin Owens’ opponent tonight. Samoa Joe appears and interrupts. Joe says he’s heard Owens is walking around like a badass tonight, but the only badass around here is him. Shane likes it. Shane tells Sarah that Joe will teach Owens a lesson tonight and show him that you have to respect authority.

– We see Roman Reigns walking backstage. Back to commercial.

Roman Reigns vs. Buddy Murphy

They lock up and Roman with a clean break and then Buddy pie faces Roman. Roman with a punch and he tosses Buddy across the ring. Buddy with a flying knee for a near fall. Murphy kicks Roman in the corner and then Roman goes to the floor. Buddy sends Roman into the ringside barrier. Buddy with a punch and then he sends Roman into the ringside barrier again. Buddy sends Roman into the ringside barrier one more time. Roman is sent face first into the announce table. Buddy breaks the referee’s count and Roman with an uppercut.

Roman biels Buddy over the announce table. Roman sends Buddy back into the ring and Buddy rolls to the floor. Roman misses a Drive By when Buddy moves. Buddy pushes Roman into the ring steps. Buddy with Meteora off the ring steps.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Murphy with a reverse chin lock. Roman backs Buddy into the turnbuckles to try to get out of the hold. Buddy sends Roman into the turnbuckles. Roman avoids a splash and Roman with a rollup followed by a one arm power bomb for a near fall. Roman with a forearm and Buddy with a forearm. They go back and forth but Roman with a short arm clothesline followed by a clothesline and flying clothesline. Roman with NeverEnding Story in the corner. Roman with a running boot. Roman looks around and sets up for the Superman punch but Buddy avoids it. Roman with a back elbow and Roman goes into the ring post shoulder first. Buddy with a rollup for a near fall. Roman goes over the top rope to the floor.

Murphy with a drop kick through the ropes followed by a flip dive onto Roman. Buddy goes up top and he hits Meteora for a near fall. Buddy with a serires of kicks and he stomps on the foot. Buddy misses a knee and Roman with a punch. Buddy with a thrust kick and Roman with a Superman punch for a near fall. Roman sets for the spear and he runs into a knee. Buddy with another knee followed by another knee and a brainbuster for a near fall. Murphy goes up top and Roman stops Buddy. Buddy with punches and then Roman with an uppercut to knock Buddy off the turnbuckles and into the ringside barrier.

Roman with a Superman punch off the ring steps and they return to the ring and Roman with a spear for the three count.

Winner: Roman Reigns


We go to the interview area with Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder. They are asked about their challenge for the New Day. Scott mentions the mob of mindless morons chasing after the 24/7 Title. Dash says they became the first co-champions of the 24/7 Title. They realized that was a slap in the face to the tag team division. Scott says it is the fault of the New Day. Dash says the people who are supposed to be the foundation of the tag team division are ruining tag team wrestling. Scott says you will see why the New Day never beat the Revival.

– Kevin Owens walks in the back as we go to commercial.


We are back and Kofi Kingston is telling Xavier it will be okay even if he is not in King of the Ring. Kofi says Xavier will be their king.

The New Day is asked about the Revival’s comments about ruining the tag team division. Big E says they haven’t ruined anything and Xavier corrects him. They have never ruined the tag team division. Kofi is asked why did he attack Randy with the kendo stick. Kofi says when you have someone with nicknames like Randy has, when he looks at your family, he has crossed the line. Kofi says he would have done it again. Tonight, he will be supporting Big E and Xavier.

Kevin Owens vs. Samoa Joe

We go to the ring and out first comes Samoa Joe for the next match. Kevin Owens is out next.

Hamilton takes the mic before the match and says he’s just learned that there will be a ringside special enforcer, appointed by Shane McMahon. Out comes WWE 24/7 Champion Elias, without his title but wearing a referee jersey. Shane said earlier that he had given Elias the night off. Tom reminds us that the WWE 24/7 Title has been suspended by Shane tonight.

The bell rings and Owens dropkicks Joe into the corner. Owens unloads with strikes but Joe turns it around and beats Owens down with strikes of his own. Owens comes out of the corner with a clothesline. Owens goes for a corner cannonball but stops when Joe rolls to the floor for a breather. Owens approaches but Elias gets in the way. Joe takes advantage of the distraction and drops Owens on the apron. Joe brings it back into the ring and we go to a commercial as the screen splits.

Back from the break and Joe has Owens grounded in the middle of he ring. We see how Elias helped Joe with distractions during the break. Owens fights up and out now but Joe drops him back into the corner. Elias taunts Owens from the floor. Owens blocks attacks from Joe in the corner. Owens goes to the top and hits a missile dropkick. Owens follows up with a senton splash to Joe but Joe kicks out at 2.

Owens charges in the corner but Joe catches him with an Uranage, spiking him into the mat. Owens kicks out at 2. Joe takes Owens to the top and climbs up. Owens fights back and knocks Joe to the mat on his back. Owens flies with a big senton but Joe kicks out in time. Owens kicks Joe but Joe blocks the Stunner. Joe applies the Coquina Clutch but Owens tosses him. Owens catches Joe in a Pop-Up Powerbomb and holds it for the pin but Elias pulls the referee out of the ring by his leg, causing him to fall on his face.

Elias enters the ring and Owens confronts him in his face. Joe takes advantage and rolls Owens up as Elias counts the fastest count in the history of pin attempts.

Winner: Samoa Joe


We see Daniel Bryan and Rowan backstage. They enter the men’s locker room and tell everyone to get out, except Murphy. Rowan forces Murphy to have a seat. Bryan says they know Murphy lied when he said he saw Rowan near the forklift accident. Bryan tells Murphy to go ahead and tell everyone how he lied. Bryan repeats himself a few times but Murphy stays silent. Bryan asks Murphy if he sees the damage he’s done to the reputations of Rowan and Bryan. Bryan tells him again to admit how he lied. Rowan attacks Murphy and manhandles him around the locker room as Bryan rants about how Murphy needs to admit what he’s done. Rowan pins Murphy against the wall as Bryan yells at him. Murphy says “OK!” but Bryan wants to hear him say he lied. Murphy finally starts yelling that he lied. Rowan lets him down and he falls to the floor. Bryan calms down and says he really just hates liars. Rowan tosses Murphy across the room one more time. We go to commercial.

In the Arena:

Back from the break and out comes The New Day for this non-title match – SmackDown Tag Team Champions Big E and Xavier Woods with WWE Champion Kofi Kingston. They hit the ring but Randy Orton interrupts with a mic, coming out to speak from the stage. Orton taunts Kofi for being a cheerleader tonight, and for running away from their match at SummerSlam on Sunday because he knows he can’t beat Orton. Orton says Kofi couldn’t beat him 11 years ago and can’t do it now. Orton goes on about how Kofi ran away from a fight in front of his wife on Sunday, and in front of his kids. Orton says one day his sons are going to grow up and ask him why he ran away from Orton. Orton says Kofi is going to look at them and tell them the truth, that he ran away because he can’t beat Orton. Orton says he’s going to give Kofi one more chance to fight. Orton suggests Kofi join him in making this a six-man match instead of being a cheerleader on the sidelines tonight. It looks like we’ve got the six-man match about to begin as we go to another commercial break.

The New Day vs. The Revival and Randy Orton

Kofi and Orton start things off but Dawson tags in before anything happens. They lock up and Kofi with a side head lock. Kofi iwth a monkey flip and drop kick. Kofi gets a near fall. Big E tags in and Kofi with a kick and Big E gets a near fall. Woods tags in and Big E with a wheelbarrow slam of Woods onto Dawson for a near fall. Dawson chops Woods and tags Wilder in. Dawson sends Woods into Wilder’s knees. Wilder with a European uppercut and chop. Woods floats over and hits a head scissors take down. Woods with a drop kick for a near fall.

Dawson tags in as Woods goes for an O’Connor Roll. Woods gives Dawson an O’Connor Roll and Wilder sends Woods’ shoulder into the mat. Dawson with forearms to the injured arm followed by a snap mare and arm bar. Wilder tags in and he kicks Woods in the arm. Wilder with more boots to the arm. Woods with a rolling elbow and Dawson tags in and he keeps Woods from making the tag. Orton tags in and Woods with elbows to get out of the corner. Dawson sends Woods over the top rope to the floor and Orton with a backdrop driver onto the announce table.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Dawson with a hammer lock on Woods. Woods with elbows but Dawson keeps Woods from making the tag. Dawson with a belly-to-back suplex for a near fall. Dawson tells Woods to clap as he mocks Xavier. Dawson with an arm bar. Dawson with a double wrist lock and he keeps Woods from making the tag. Dawson is sent into the ring post and Wilder and BIg E tag in. Big E with two overhead belly-to-belly suplexes and then he hits a belly-to-belly suplex on Wilder. Big E with a Warrior Splash and then he goes after Dawson and that allows Wilder to get a near fall with a rollup. Kofi tags in and Dawson and Wilder with a double DDT to BIg E. Kofi with a double chop off the turnbuckles followed by a Boom Drop.

Orton tries to interfere but Kofi sends Orton to the floor. Kofi with a trust fall plancha onto Orton. Woods with a back drop to Dawson and then he chops Wilder. Woods with a side head lock and Dawson tags in. They hit Shatter Machine on Woods for the three count.

Winners: The Revival and Randy Orton

After the match, The Revival’s music hits as they stand tall. They suddenly attack Big E and Woods as they’re still down in the middle of the ring. Kofi leaps in to prevent further damage, taking Dash down and then hitting Trouble In Paradise on Dawson. Orton runs over and drops Kofi with a RKO outta nowhere. Orton lifts Kofi’s head and lets it fall back to the mat. Fans chant “one more time!” now. Orton grabs Woods as the referee tries to get him to stop. Orton drops Woods with the RKO next. Fans cheer Orton as he goes back to looking down at Kofi. The Revival gets back up and lifts Big E for Orton to drop him with the RKO. Orton picks Kofi up again and delivers one more RKO to him, dropping him again in the middle of the ring.


We go backstage to Daniel Bryan and Rowan talking in the locker room when Roman Rein walks in. Bryan says they’ve been waiting on him. Bryn gets in Reigns’ face with Rowan backing him up. Bryan tells Reigns to go ahead and apologize for being wrong. Reigns just shakes hiss head and looks like he might want to fight. Bryan warns him and says if this turns into a melee and Reigns gets hurt, he and Rowan have been conducting their own investigation and they found out who was behind the attacks. Bryan says they will bring Reigns the culprit next week. Reigns stares Bryan and Rowan down as SmackDown goes off the air.


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