Sunday, August 11, 2019

WWE is Reportedly Planning Big Segments For Tonight's SummerSlam

WWE is Reportedly Planning a Big Segment For Tonight's SummerSlam
SummerSlam is going to be a big event and it sounds like they’re gearing up for something pretty massive.

Heel By Nature reports that WWE is currently planning a big segment with Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan, and Rowan at tonight's Summerslam in Toronto. This will likely involve the on-going storyline about the hunt to discover who is trying to murder Roman Reigns.

It is said to be very exclusive as well because it is going to be “pretty insane.” Therefore, no Superstars are allowed in so they can see what WWE is planning.
Roman Reigns, Rowan, and Daniel Bryan are set to be involved in a segment. It is said to look “pretty insane”, and no talent are allowed to be present during rehearsal.
Also, as we noted earlier, Matt Riddle teases WWE SummerSlam appearance. Heel By Nature reports that Matt Riddle was set to have a segment during Summerslam. Some believe that it could also involve Goldberg as a nod to their apparent online beef.
Matt Riddle was set to have a segment on screen, either pre-taped or at the arena. One thinks this may involve Goldberg due to Riddle him being vocal on social media.