WWE 205 Results – August 20, 2019

WWE 205 Results - August 20, 2019

Drew Gulak opens the show with a promo running down each member he’s selected for his team in tonight’s main event Captain’s Challenge tag bout against Oney Lorcan and his team.

Gulak declares that this division belongs to him, and until that changes, he is the law. Cut to Oney Lorcan… he says that tonight his team has one goal in mind… to destroy the men in front of them. “Drew Gulak… your days as cruiserweight champion are numbered,” growls Lorcan ending the segment.

Ariya Daivari makes his way out first, followed by Mike Kanellis. NXT’s Angel Garza is out next (reminder this is his debut). Tony Nese and Drew Gulak are out last. Gulak and Nese exchange some words, but they appear to be on the same page… for now.

Gentleman Jack Gallagher and Akira Tozawa are the first entrants out for Team Lorcan. They are followed by Humberto Carrillo and Isaiah “Swerve” Scott. Lorcan is last. All 10 superstars are in the ring… both teams stare each other down. Brawl ensues. Team Lorcan clears the ring. Gallagher brings in five umbrellas and hands them to each member of his team. They all climb opposing turnbuckles… Mary Poppins dive from all four corners! Gulak’s team regroups on the outside. The match officially begins. Here we go.

Team Drew Gulak versus Team Oney Lorcan Captain’s Challenge Elimination

Gulak and Lorcan begin. Tie-up. Lorcan forces Gulak into the corner. Swerve tags in. He brings the champ to the mat with a wristlock. Gulak manages to escape the hold, then lands a few strikes on Swerve in the corner. Irish whip… Swerve shows off his athleticism… headscissor from Serve. Gulak fires right back with a shot to the gut and a powerslam. Garza in now. Swerve catches him with an arm-drag. He brings in Carrillo. Commentary reminds us that Garza and Carrillo are cousins. Pace picks up… Carrillo gets frankensteiner’d but he flips out and lands on his feet. Garza rips off his pants! He baits Carrillo in and tosses him into Gulak’s corner. The heels all get their shots in. Gulak back in. Snap suplex with pin… only two. Kanellis tags in. He stomps Carrillo down in the corner, then stomps Carrillo’s hand. Vertical suplex from Kanellis for a nearfall. Team Gulak in control in the early going.

Carrillo finally tags out… Akira Tozawa comes in hot. He takes out Gulak’s corner. Gulak near the barricade… Tozawa with a running senton! Big pop from the crowd. Back in the ring… Tozawa connects with a missile dropkick. Kanellis gets caught in Tozawa’s octopus hold! Kanellis shoves Tozawa off and he collides with Gallagher! Cross Rhodes by Kanellis. Tozawa is eliminated.

Akira Tozawa has been eliminated.

As Kanellis celebrates. Gallagher nails him with a stiff headbutt. Cover… bye bye Kanellis.

Mike Kanellis has been eliminated.

Maria Kanellis… who was watching backstage… shows her disgust after her husband’s elimination. Meanwhile, Gallagher and Nese go at it. During a referee distraction Daivari pulls Gallagher down. Nese yells at his corner, saying he doesn’t need their help. He gets dumped to the outside. Gallagher calls for a suicide dive but Daivari pulls down the ropes and Gallagher tumbles hard to ringside. He gets thrown back in to Nese… sunset driver. That’s it for Gallagher.

Jack Gallagher has been eliminated.

Swerve back in to face Nese. “Swerve” chants from the crowd. Nese hits an elbow… Swerve dodges… he strings together offense, including another headscissor and a middle-rope elbow to the back of Nese’s neck. Kickout at two. Swerve attempts a suplex… Nese blocks. He trips Swerve up with a running chop block but Swerve takes back control with a moonsault as Nese comes back into the ring. Nese answers with a running elbow. He tags out and Garza is back. Clubbing blows to Swerve. Garza with a superkick. He slows down the action with a modified camel clutch.

Backstage… Gallagher, Tozawa, and Brian Kendrick are arguing. Kendrick blames Gallagher for Tozawa getting eliminated. Gallagher is still upset from his matchup with Tozawa last week, claiming the only reason he lost was because Kendrick knocked his foot off the rope. Kendrick says they can settle this anytime. Gallagher walks away, indicating that he’s going to meet with Drake Maverick.

Back in the ring… Swerve mounts a small comeback but Garza yanks Swerve’s foot on the apron and tosses him into the steel steps. Daivari unloads stiff strikes onto Swerve in the turnbuckles. Vicious Irish-Whip sends Swerve chest first in the corner. Gulak tags back in and targets Swerve’s wrist and arm with some joint manipulation. Garza back in… abdominal stretch and Swerve is in trouble… .somehow he hip tosses Garza to break the submission. Garza fires back with a series of chops… Swerve responds with some of his own. Superkick by Garza… lariat by Swerve. Both men are down. Nese comes in… he nails the Running Nese on Swerve but Lorcan made the blind tag. Half-and-half to Nese… he lands on his feet, then hits a standing double-stomp on Lorcan. Back and forth striking from Lorcan and Nese… Sunset driver attempt… series of counters… another half-and-half attempt… got em! Tony Nese is out.

Tony Nese has been eliminated.

Carrillo and Garza are now the legal men. Standing moonsault from Carrilo. Swerve tags back in… double-team, including a tandem superkick. Gulak runs in… Swerve sends him to the apron… drive by kick to Garza, double-stomp to Gulak! He takes out Daivari as well. Double-stomp off the top nearly eliminates Garza but Gulak breaks up the pin with a basement dropkick. Gulak legal now… Garza trips Swerve’s foot… Gulak takes advantage and hits the torture rack neckbreaker. Bye bye Swerve.

Isaiah “Swerve” Scott has been eliminated.

Only Carrillo and Loran left on team Lorcan. Gulak, Garza, and Daivari remain on the other side. Garza nearly eliminates Carrillo but the luchadore endures. Daivari tags in… neckbreaker. He locks Carrillo in a headlock.

Cut backstage. Lucha House Party are chatting… Kalisto believes that Ariya Daivari is the one who attacked Gran Metalik, and next week… he’s going to beat a confession out of him.

Back in the ring… Daivari decapitates Carrillo with a lariat. Gulak back in. Camel clutch. The champ stares right at Lorcan on the apron while he applies the hold. Team Gulak take turns wearing down Carrillo. Carrillo and Garza collide, which gives Carrillo a chance to tag out. He makes the tag to Lorcan! He’s hitting everything in sight. Big elbow to Gulak… double blockbuster takes out Garza and Daivari. Lorcan off the ropes… suicide dive onto Gulak. He throws the champ over the commentary table, then pounds on Daivari at ringside. Lorcan fights off all members of Gulak’s team… Gulak nails him in the gut with a steel chair! Another shot. A third. The referee has seen enough. He disqualifies Gulak.

Drew Gulak has been eliminated.

Gulak lands another chair shot after being DQ’d. He plays to a chorus of boos.

Cut to a commercial for tomorrow’s NXT, featuring Matt Riddle taking on Killian Dain.

Carrillo gets crotch dropped by Garza. Daivari and Garza double team Carrillo. Carrillo won’t stay down. He takes down Garza with a springboard headbutt. Lorcan has recovered and is waiting on the apron for another tag. Carrillo brings him in. Big uppercut by Lorcan takes out Daivari. Running corner elbow. A second. Daivari surprises him with a superkick. Daivari climbs… Persian splash misses! Half-and-half attempt misses… Hammerlock lariat misses… Lorcan rolls Daivari up… got em!

Ariya Daivari has been eliminated.

Just Garza left for team Gulak. Carrillo goes for his signature springboard arm-drag but Garza has it scouted and uses the ropes for a pin… referee sees it and stops counting. Carrillo with a roll-up… two count. Carrillo to the top..flying crossbody but Garza hits a dropkick out of nowhere! He follows up with a reverse slingshot suplex and a basement dropkick in succession. Springboard moonsault misses. Carrillo with a kick from the apron… enziguri in response from Garza. Carrillo takes control… he climbs… corkscrew splash connects. It’s over.

Team Lorcan defeats Team Gulak in the Captain’s Challenge

Lorcan and Carrillo celebrate in the center. Commentary asks who could be Gulak’s next challenger? Lorcan or Carrillo.

That’s the show.


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