Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Rumor Killer On Dolph Ziggler Requesting His WWE Release

Rumor Killer On Dolph Ziggler Requesting His WWE Release
A rumor surrounding Dolph Ziggler wanting his release from the WWE popped up today, but the rumor is completely untrue.

The rumor initially stated that Ziggler requested his release from the company, with a deal between Ziggler and McMahon supposedly put in place via a handshake. According to the rumor, this past Monday was supposed to be Dolph Ziggler’s last day with the company. On Monday prior to RAW, Dolph approached Vince McMahon to thank him, however it was then that Vince told Dolph that he could not let him out of his deal, and that he would rather just pay him to stay home.

According to Dave Meltzer on the Wrestling Observer forums, however, he claims the rumor is not true in the slightest. Whether or not this ends up being true is still undecided, but it does seem as if Ziggler is sticking with the WWE for now, and has no plans on wanting to work his way out of any deal.