Pro Wrestling Forces Sports Betting Operators to Access Risk

Pro Wrestling Forces Sports Betting Operators to Access Risk

If we can all accept the premise pro wrestling is a sport, it qualifies as one of the few professional sports that land-based and online bookmakers don’t offer as a viable sports wagering market. Given the popularity of the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) brand, it’s a solid bet that bookmakers would love to make a professional wrestling betting market. Of course, we can all understand why that’s not possible at this time. Bookmakers are not in the business of handing out money. Since all WWE events and matches are scripted with pre-determined outcomes, there’s a tremendous risk that WWE insiders would break the bank with their access to money privy to information.

For online casino operators and bookmakers, there’s no level of risk that’s acceptable unless incurring that risk will bring a windfall at sometime in the future. That’s certainly the case when they offer bonus promos like the offers that are available at or other legal gambling sites. They incur a little risk through the promo with the hope they will secure another loyal customer who will be spending money in the future.

Accessing Risk

The question is how do bookmakers access risk? Remember, when bookmakers post point spreads and odds, they are using mathematical formulas to minimize risk. They also use minimum and maximum betting limits to control the amount of exposure they have. If they were to consider opening the door to wagering on WWE events and matches, how would they control their risk when people are walking the earth who already know the outcome of any given match or event?

Let’s take a look at how bookmakers handle risk with NFL sports bettors. Each game comes with a point spread that presumably levels the playing field between the two teams involved. The money line is set at -110 on each side. As the theory goes, bettors would bet $110 to win $100 on a side. If the bookmaker collects $110 on each side, they would collect a total of $220, pay out $210 to the winner and make a net profit of $10 on the game with no risk. That’s the risk model bookmakers strive for and the model that won’t work for pro wrestling.

The only reasonable answer to the WWE wagering question is the risk is too high to take. However, there’s still this nagging feeling that one of the most popular sports is not one on which people can wager. They might try limiting the wager amounts, but how much interest would a WWE fan or sports better have in betting $100 on Brock Lesnar if the potential return is only $5? The reality is the odds would only serve as a deterrent.

While there doesn’t appear to be a reasonable answer, the world of sports betting is an ever-evolving entity. The world’s top online casino operators and bookmakers are always on the prowl for bigger and better ways to service their customer. For now, some bookmakers have shown a willingness to offer small sports betting promos to attract WWE fans into the online gambling community. Here’s to believing the growing interest in both the WWE and sports gambling in America will eventually lead to those two worlds finding a meaningful intersection.


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