Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Photo and Video of Big Cass in Really Great Shape

Photo and Video of Big Cass in Really Great Shape
As seen in the below video, CaZXL (Big Cass) has lost significant weight and gained muscle tone since he competed last Winter and suffered a seizure at a House of Hardcore event.

In the video from his appearance at Cactus League Wrestling event, CaZXL sent a message to fans that had written him off.

"To everybody out there in the world that doubted me and said I was fat, and out of shape, and they wrote me off and said I'd never be back in professional wrestling after a seizure nearly took my life in front of 1,500 people, I say this: I ain't f--king dead yet!" Cass exclaimed. "I heard that CLW is all the rage and I had to see what it was about. So I have come to CLW to rise to the top of this company, become a champion in this company, and after CLW, I'll go to another company and I'm gonna rise to the very top of this Goddamn industry. And you can bet your bottom dollar on that, but as for now, I'm gonna go where I want when I want and do whatever I want, and you're going to have to kill me in order to stop me. End of discussion."

Cass recently talked about WWE firing and possible return to the company. Getting in shape is a huge step in this direction.