Friday, August 16, 2019

News on The WWE Network Issues, Still Broken

News on The WWE Network Issues, Still Broken
The WWE Network is broken.

Sunday's WWE SummerSlam was the first PPV whit Endeavor's Neulion technology as the host server from Disney's BAMTech, which WWE had used since the inception of the network years ago.

Unfortunately it was a disaster as the show was filled with widespread problems on the new platform, mainly buffering that was reported by many people during the PPV, along with audio totally out of synch, the impossibility to cast the Network via Chromcast on Android devices and unvailability on many smart TV.

NXT TakeOver the night before had some issues, which was Neulion's first major live event, but significant issues only cropped up during the SummerSlam Kick Off show and the actual PPV to the point where a lot of people simply gave up on watching.

It remains to be seen how the new hosts will cope with the PPV next month, Clash of Champions.

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